3 Things All Homeowners Should Do to Protect Their Property

Your home is your castle, and you don’t want uninvited people to access your property, let alone get inside your house and burglarise it. That’s why it’s important to take security measures that decrease the risk of this happening. Here are some simple steps anyone can take to protect their home, which don’t take a lot of time.

  1. Install an alarm and camera

In the past, installing an alarm system and camera meant getting some experts out to wire it in, and setup could easily take a few days. Nowadays, you can buy a simple camera system with a motion detector, which sends alerts to your phone. This means that whether you’re lounging at home or on holiday, you can see what’s going on in your property and call the police as soon as you spot anything.

  1. Stop people looking into your home

If you have a home that’s overlooked, you may worry this puts you at a higher risk of burglaries. After all, it’s easier for potential thieves to see valuables on display and make your home a target. It’s worth looking at window coverings such as Invisi-Gard Perth, which are screens that block people seeing inside your house, but let you see outside. It also means you can have the windows open to let air in, while staying safe from intruders.

  1. Put your home out in the open

Burglars want to find homes where they can break in without being spotted, so tend to look for homes that are away from the road where passers-by can’t see them. If your home is visible from the road, it’s harder for them to break in.

You should therefore take measures such as:

  • Trimming hedges and keeping fencing low
  • Adding security lights with motion sensors
  • Removing bulky items that people could hide behind – i.e. large ornaments

This means that if anyone walks into your front yard, there’s a higher risk of them being spotted, so less chance for them to try and pick locks or look for unlocked windows.

Protecting your home is a number one priority for most homeowners, which isn’t surprising given how upsetting and disruptive a burglary can be. Follow the above steps and your home will already be a much safer place and you can cut the risk of encountering a home intruder, so you can feel much safer when you are relaxing in your home.

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