Buying a Cardboard Baler: Here are 6 Things To Know

A cardboard baler is a machine that uses a metal plate driven by a hydraulic ram. It applies massive pressure to crush, compact and compress pieces of cardboard into tightly formed cubes. It helps you transport vast volumes of cardboard easily to recycling centers. However, you must ensure you buy a suitable one to enjoy optimal benefits.

Here are the six things to consider when buying a cardboard baler 

  1. Consider the cost

The price of a cardboard baler range from low to medium and high. You can inquire about different sellers’ costs and compare to pick the one within your budget. But don’t let price be your only determining factor. Instead, invest more in a machine that will last longer and offer you the most bang for your buck.

  1. Think of the available space

You’ll find cardboard balers of different shapes and sizes. They vary depending on purpose; some are meant for small spaces, while others fit big ones. So choose a baler that will fit your space to ensure maximum efficiency.

Additionally, consider the features of the cardboard baler. Ensure it has all the unique aspects that assist you in completing the task seamlessly.

  1. Research the seller

Find out who makes the machine and learn more about their baler. Doing so will help you know about their reputation, customer service, and support. Please choose the one with positive reviews and feedback, as it shows higher customer satisfaction.

  1. Installation/shipping policy

Transporting the cardboard baler is an essential task after buying it. You can get companies with good shipping policies or others with significant fees. Go for the company that has better shipping policies and installations at reasonable prices

  1. Required training

You’ll need proper training to use cardboard balers safely. Your team will require proper instructions from experience personnel on how to run the baler. So check the operator manual and documents to ensure the instructions are practical to your team.

Also, consider removal rules, as the bales can be significant and heavy. Ensure your team can learn how to handle the tools you’ll need to remove and store the bales.

  1. Electrics and hydraulics

Most cardboard balers use intense hydraulic pressure. As such, you need to address any oil or liquid leaks, as these can alter the pressure, ruining the effectiveness of the baler.

Conduct regular inspections of the hoses on your cardboard baler to identify signs of abrasion, cuts or damage. Also, replace the hoses if you notice wear or head damage to enhance their effectiveness.

Reasons to invest in a cardboard baler

There are numerous benefits of owning a cardboard baler, including the following:

  • Space saver: A cardboard baler helps you save space by turning a massive pile of cardboard into a compact, compressed cube for storage or shipment.
  • Labor cost: A cardboard baler removes the need for multiple handles, saving you on labor costs. Also, it helps you reduce overhead costs, such as handling waste.
  • Time-saving: Placing a cardboard baler where your cardboard collects will reduce the time spent cleaning up.
  • Environmental awareness: Cardboard balers are essential in converting waste into raw material for other use, preserving the environment and ecology.


Determining the best cardboard baler to dispose of your cardboard can be a daunting task. You might need clarification on the numerous market options to avoid acquiring an unsuitable baler. Analyzing the above points before buying, you’ll acquire a perfect cardboard baler that matches your needs.

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