Freshen Up the House for Spring

Listening to the beautiful chirping of birds and the sweet smell of fresh flowers can easily lift your spirit, knowing that spring has come. You will also feel renewed as winter’s gloomy feeling will be replaced by the freshness of spring.

To complete this positive emotion, you can also freshen up your home to revitalize it. Here are some ways you can freshen up the home with the coming of spring.

Let the Fresh Air Enter

After dealing with snow during winter, it’s time for you to let the sunshine in. Opening the windows is the best way to do this. Aside from letting the sun’s warmth enter the home, you also allow fresh air to circulate.

Fresh air offers several benefits for your body. These benefits include better digestion and faster healing. Fresh air also reduces your heart rate and blood pressure. Additionally, breathing in fresh air allows you to clear your lungs of recycled air circulated inside the house throughout winter.

Clean the Home

With the coming of spring, cleaning the house is of utmost importance. Cleaning the house involves de-cluttering and moving items that are only useful during winter. At this point, you’ll have to move your winter clothing to the inner parts of the closet. You can also transfer snow shovels and ice scrapers into a storage bin in the garage.

After moving unnecessary items, you can start cleaning the home. You can vacuum the carpet, clean the windows, and wipe the floorboards. It’s important to reach all the nooks and crannies of the home to ensure you clean everything. This means you have to set aside a weekend to do this.

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, you can give it a thorough clean using a steam cleaner. You should also sanitize the toilet, shower, and sink. Cleaning kitchen appliances like the oven and range is also important to remove the grease accumulated over winter.

You can also organize the kitchen cabinets and remove any expired condiments. Sorting the items inside the refrigerator is also important to remove anything that isn’t edible anymore. You should also wipe all the shelves to ensure they’re clean.

Spring cleaning does not only ensure your home is clean, but it also has other added benefits that you might not be aware of. These benefits include better productivity since the home is organized. It also gives you a sense of fulfillment, especially after seeing that the house looks fresh and clean. Additionally, cleaning the house also has a therapeutic effect and relieves stress.

Renovate the House

Spring demotes a renewal. So, it’s the perfect time for you to renew your home and make renovations. The renovation can involve getting a new kitchen counter to cook the best meals for the season. You can also get new appliances for the kitchen and replace the old ones.

You can also enhance your home’s curb appeal if you’re planning to sell it in the future. Pressure washing the outdoor patio can remove any mold that might have formed. You can also add a fresh coat of paint on the home’s exterior and remove any shrubs that might have started to cover the house.

The front yard also needs some work to make it look better. Mowing the lawn is one way to start to make the lawn look better. You can add potted plants or budding bushes to increase its appeal.

For the interior, you can add a fresh coat of paint to the walls. You can give it a subtle color to make it feel refreshing whenever you go in. If you’re not keen on painting the house, garden-inspired wallpaper can be a good idea to give your home the feeling of spring.

Installing new flooring is another way to give your home a new look. But you can only decide to do this if you’re planning to sell your home soon since it can cost a lot to install new flooring in the house.

Rearrange the Furniture

Rearranging the furniture is an affordable way to freshen up your home for spring. You can change the orientation of your sofa in the living room. Adding accent tables can also do wonders on the look of any room in the house.

You should not limit the rearrangement to the living room or even the dining area. You can also rearrange your bedroom by moving the bed away from the wall. You can also put it beside the window so you’ll hear the birds chirping when you wake up in the morning.

Freshening up the home for spring is always a great idea since it gives you a renewed vigor to face life, especially with the health crisis the world is facing today.

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