Important Things to Know If You Are Thinking of Hiring Tank Coating Contractors

A storage tank is a tank used to handle and store different substances such as gases, liquids, chemical products, and oils.

Corrosion is the destruction of substances, usually metals, or the deterioration of their properties due to environmental influences. It can cause dangerous and costly damage. To keep it at bay, tank coating contractors use industrial paint.

Industrial paint is classified into organic and inorganic. Organic coatings contain carbon, refined or modified petroleum products, and different solvents, fillers, additives, and pigments. Within this category are alkyd paints applied on various substrates of the industrial infrastructure and are resistant in exteriors, interiors, subways, and aqueous areas. Their only drawback is the time they take to dry.

Epoxy paints are high performance, their properties allow to build an excellent film, their drying and curing time is fast. These coatings can be applied on various surfaces such as aluminum, steel, and galvanized components; they resist corrosion, abrasion, humidity, saltwater, chemicals, sun, and other factors that can wear and mistreat the paint the substrate.

Polyurethane paints are highly resistant to corrosion, chemicals, abrasion, and environmental processes that affect them. As a result, they can be applied in industrial products and plants because their special additives allow for better protection.

Acrylic coatings offer protection in industrial environments because they contain more binders and additives to fulfill their purpose in performance and dispersion and are highly resistant to corrosion.

Ceramic coatings provide excellent durability, chemical, and anticorrosive protection; they have unique characteristics, such as thermal insulation and dimensional and chemical stability. These coatings are ideal for protecting tanks and hydraulic systems, as well as objects that are exposed to UV radiation, chemical products, high temperatures, and humidity; it is not recommended to apply them on things that will be exposed to compression or traction stresses, as the force exerted may damage the coating.

Intumescent coatings are those that withstand extreme heat and open flames. Their action consists of expanding in thick foam-like layers that insulate the structures from a fire, thus protecting the different components in case of fire.

Other variants

Currently, we can see special coatings on the market, such as anti-adhesive coatings that allow any adhesive to be removed without any problem because this coating prevents maximum adhesion; anti-corrosion treatment, which guarantees maximum protection, even in a marine environment; anti-graffiti protection, a mechanism that allows easy cleaning of any ink on damaged surfaces; anti-piss coating, which is usually applied on the lower part of the area to prevent piss from damaging the property; anti-piss coating, which is generally used on the lower part of the area to avoid piss from damaging the property.

Tank coating contractors can apply industrial paint in different ways, such as aerial spraying with a sprayer, a method that allows a smooth and professional finish regardless of the type of surface; with the classic roller, it is recommended to use it when the area is soft so that the paint adheres efficiently and quickly; Immersion coating, this method is ideal for the quick layer of an object, because it is enough to dip it directly into the paint and wait for it to dry; by the well-known brush, which has several presentations to give a good finish without any problem; airless sprayer, this mechanism atomizes the paint at a higher pressure than an air sprayer, it is an ideal method when it comes to painting vast areas in a fast way.

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