Portable Offices for every Construction Site

With each new construction site that springs up all around the United Kingdom there comes the need for instant accommodation that provides the best quality for money out there. Portable Facilities UK understands the need for durable, reliable and functional site cabins and portable offices to adequately provide the professional and comfortable surroundings that encourage great work. This understanding is due to years of experience in providing high quality cabins for customers in both professional and personal ventures.

The need for reliable accommodation, be it a long-term site office, a workers’ canteen or something more temporary, must be supplied quickly and easily but high quality features are essential in every plastisol cabin out there and this fact is recognised and delivered upon. Each portable facility is built specifically for its own unique purpose. This means every welfare cabin, site cabin or office is designed to meet specific size requirements, amongst other unique needs, with various internal layouts to choose from.

With some of the biggest site office cabins coming in at 40 by 10 feet, and the smallest starting at 12 by 10 feet, there is plenty of room to manoeuvre and each model is built to be as cost effective, tough and professional as possible. The combination of a full timber frame, steel exterior and marleydeck roofing means cabins are extremely well protected. Each site cabin can also be modified or personalised, for each specific order, via a variety of options including partitions, additional toilets and showers, climate control and changeable lighting options.

From small and secure to big and comfortable each welfare cabin or site office is built with the end-user directly in mind and each one produced comes fully assembled with minimal transport needed to get it from our site to yours. In addition, each cabin is easily moved and as long as it can be fitted to nearby plumbing and electric outlets the specific location of it on your site is up to you. The combination of various options both internal and external, a tough durable exterior, modern contemporary finishes and a long lasting cost-effectiveness means Portable Facilities UK continue to lead the market for portable construction site cabins.

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