Are automated complex wire harness designs more useful?

Improving the quality of the electromechanical product has never been easy, but automation has made it possible by enhancing the design processes over the years. Automation has improved the quality and performance of various manual designs and manufacturing processes. It has also imparted a far more significant advantage to the industry at large.

A complex wiring harness is an electrical assembly of different elements in an automobile that allows power and information to transmit through a single system. The wires or cables are joined together to form custom coil assemblies on a pin board suitable for a specific design to develop a cable harness.

Automation has provided a more considerable impetus to the manufacturing industry. However, in some instances in the industry, people still look up to manual engineering, design, and production as achieving a better overall quality via machines and automation has not been successful yet.

Complex wire harness design:

Before implementing a software solution to wiring design, it is essential to understand all the multidisciplinary information associated with the manual design process. All the input units, be it mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing, should be considered to avoid or minimize human errors. In a manual design process where resources are needed to assemble wire harnesses and critically position the wiring, a complex wire harness is a worthy option that helps in the wire harness of the overall machine.

A complex wiring harness is a composite procedure that requires engineering accuracy and precision that automation fails to deliver. A complex wire harness constitutes the inner and outer layer, where the inner layer is made of wires and cables. The outer layer comprises a protective sheath made of thermoplastic.

Automation vs. manual engineering while executing a complex wire harness design:

  1. Automation designs are faster and cheaper:

Initially, it is true that automation designs are cheap and work faster. However, if the automation processes have inherent flaws, then the design problems may turn out to be costly and affect the longevity of the wire harness. Moreover, the financial compensation of such electromechanical products is more than the cheaply manufactured products.

  1. Improves product and process quality:

Automotive wire harness design ensures product and process quality while ensuring a cost-effective process. Engineering and expertise might also provide efficient quality products over complete automation.

  1. Reduce harness production time and cost:

No doubt, complete automation reduces the manufacturing turnaround time and cost, but the benefit might not stay long term.  Engineers suggest selecting a wire harness designer and producer that can balance both cost and turnaround time with the help of automation in certain places.

Features of wire harness:

Depending upon the custom coil assemblies, wire harnesses include different conductor sizes, colors, conductor insulation, and certified cables and wires.

  1. Conductor size:

Wide ranges of sizes are available from 12 AWG to 34 AWG. Further, there are multiple options that engineers can use.

  1. Conductor colors:

With changing project needs and requirements, there are many different colors available that can help in managing wires efficiently.

  1. Stranding size:

Wire harness engineers can select the perfect stranding size ranging from 0.002 to 0.01 depending upon the requirements.

  1. Conductor insulation:

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) are some commonly used conductor insulation materials in different projects.

  1. UL-certified cables and wires:

Incorporating UL-certified cables and wires provide safety and reliability from the beginning.


Automation has been beneficial in creating complex wire harness designs. The utilities are endless. According to traditional industry experts, selecting a suitable complex wire harness design is necessary as it improves the quality and reduces the cost. Further, it also balances the cost of cutting-edge automation and overall experience.

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