COVID-19 Might Not Be the Last: Preparing Your Home For Another Pandemic

COVID-19 taught us that our life can literally change overnight. We were attending parties left and right one day, and couldn’t even go to the gas station anymore the next. We were quarantined at home, even if we didn’t show symptoms.

Home activity during the pandemic changed. People found and discovered new ways to keep themselves busy and entertained. Some ventured into small home-based businesses, started new fitness routines, or tried their hands at gardening or baking. But among the activities that increased during the stay-at-home orders, home improvement particularly stood out.

Despite the economic challenges of COVID-19, 57% of homeowners did a home improvement project from March to May 2020. 66.9% of them stated having more time as the reason they spruced their spaces, while nearly 50% said that their increased time at home made them more aware of the things that needed changes.

If you didn’t start a home makeover project last year, this year’s a good time to consider it. Though we’re now slowly healing thanks to the vaccines, COVID-19 is by no means the last pandemic the world will have. We have no idea if the next deadly virus will spread during our lifetime, but even so, we better be prepared for it.

Extend Your Indoor Spaces Outdoors

Since pandemics confine us at home, it’s important for every homeowner to have an outdoor sanctuary within their abodes. In fact, extending indoor spaces outdoors is seen as a big home renovation trend in 2021. So if you have a spacious yard, consider building a patio or a deck over there. You can also make your garage conversion-ready, especially if your yard isn’t as big. Just ensure that you’d have another parking space that won’t block the neighbors’ driveway.

A garage also serves as the ideal space for creating a sun room, assuming you can transfer your car into a carport. Replace its gates and walls with glass, and lounge in it feeling as though you’re outdoors. Repair your garage’s floor as well, because those have surely suffered some wear through the years.

Make Your Bathrooms Spa-like

Self-pampering rituals were big during the pandemic. Stress levels were high during that time, so people looked for ways to pamper themselves without risking their health. Hence, bathroom makeovers became a hot trend in home improvement projects. Many people were even able to transform their basic, cookie-cutter bathrooms into a spa.

Creating a bathroom oasis allows you to have a relaxing retreat every time your responsibilities overwhelm you. In 2020, 41% of homeowners who renovated their bathrooms said they relied on the new space for rest and relaxation. So start planning a major bathroom makeover if the space has already lost its allure to you. Consider making room for a free-standing tub or a steam shower. If you already own a tub, smaller upgrades will make a big difference. Try adding aromatherapy and installing dramatic light fixtures. Your next soak will make you feel like royalty.

Have an Isolation Room Ready

This is probably the hardest thing to do, since not all homes have spare bedrooms they can use for self-quarantines. But if you have one, make the most out of that luxury. Besides, COVID-19 is far from over, and people can still get sick from it unless they’ve been vaccinated.

quarantine or isolation room should have its own toilet and bath. If it doesn’t, the sick person should only use one bathroom, while the rest of you uses another. The room should have all the sick person’s essentials, such as medications, disinfectants, toiletries, and a first aid kit. They should have snacks too, preferably non-perishable ones, as well as a continuous supply of drinking water.

The isolation room doesn’t require its own washer and dryer, because handling their laundry won’t risk your health as much. However, consider wearing gloves and a face mask just to be sure. Wash their clothes with hot water, and dry them on high heat. Hand-washing their laundry is also fine, as long as you’re careful.

Stock Up on Pandemic Essentials

All your home upgrades and makeovers are just second to pandemic essentials when it comes to facing another deadly virus. This time around, ensure that your cupboards are always stocked with virus-killing disinfectants and cleaners. Your pantry, meanwhile, should always be filled with non-perishable food, and healthier options such as peanut butter, jelly, nuts, dried fruits, and snack bars. Never let your frozen food run out too, and always have spices and seasonings available.

Now that we’re starting to recover from COVID-19, the last thing we want to think about is another pandemic. But if that happens, we cannot be caught off-guard again. By this time, we should’ve already learned to expect the unexpected. It’s not about being pessimistic, but rather, just well-prepared and practical.

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