EPZ Grounding Grates — The Facts To Know

No matter your job site, keeping workers safe should be your highest priority. One area for concern is electricity. Erecting transmission towers or repairing damaged powerlines can put crew members at risk if proper precautions are not taken.

What Makes Electricity Projects Risky?

Consider the nature of electricity and how it travels between points. In basic terms, electrical charges always seek to equal. When there is a discrepancy between two objects that come into contact, the current will flow between them, and the charges will seek to equalize. Unfortunately, this is also how a human is exposed to high levels of electricity will experience a severe shock until they are grounded. That being said, this is why it important to have equipotential grounding on your work site.

Equipotential Grounding 101

Equipotential grounding can assure that the electrical potential between two points on a person’s body will be the same.  Any faults that may occur within the area created are grounded. If there is an electrical issue it will be directed into the ground instead of their body.

One solution to this issue is EPZ grounding grates. They are a steel grate with connecting cables that are used to create an equipotential zone that depends on the job requirements. To learn more about how these grates can be used, take a look at the accompanying resource below. It providers several more details about the potential dangers of fault currents as well as the benefits of utilizing an EPZ grounding grate.

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