Everything you need to know before considering loft conversion!

With contemporary homes getting smaller by the day, converting the loft into a livable space only makes sense. As with any home renovation project, loft conversion needs to be a planned thing. You have to consider all aspects, including goals and budget, before taking the final call. There are amazing construction services like that can help in getting things right, and in this post, we also have a few tips that may come in handy.

  • Start with the roof. What you can possibly achieve with your loft conversion project depends largely on the type of roof you have. For example, if the loft has enough height to move around freely, you just need to spend on skylight conversion to use the space. You also need to understand the space constraints, which is next on our list.
  • What kind of space do you have? For some homes, loft conversion is more about adding an extra bedroom with a bathroom, while others prefer to use the loft for kids or an extra living area. Before you start, consider the amount of space you have.

  • Set a budget. Before you check for anything else, consider what you can afford in the first place. Once the goals have been set, you should definitely set a budget and check the need for additional financing. Don’t be surprised to find that the budget has extended beyond expectations, which is why also why you need 20% aside the same for contingency expenses.
  • Check for permissions. For loft conversions, permissions might be necessary, and your builder should be able to shed some light on that. It also depends on the kind of conversation and renovation that you are planning. Make sure that you have all the permissions in hand before giving a nod to the project.

  • Find more on other things. Check for building regulation requirements, which are a must for selecting the design plan, and if the walls are shared with another neighbor, you may need to have what’s known as the “Party Wall agreement” before the work commences. Notices must be served to the neighbor in some cases.

Find a good builder

If you can work with a known builder like The Building Constructor, there isn’t much that you have to be bothered about. Keep in mind that a good builder basically simplifies the whole job for clients, and yes, you will need to check a few things, but for the permissions and related aspects, they can take care of everything. Also, make sure that the builder you choose is a known one and has experience with loft conversions. To make things simpler, ask for references and check some of the projects they have done recently. You can call their clients to know more on their experience, and make sure that you have a budget or bid in place. Don’t miss the terms and conditions related to their services and insist on at least two to three meetings before the actual conversion work begins.

Author Bio – Jacob tobias is a very well respected building contractor based in London who loves to write about anything construction, he earned his name by supplying the best information possible within his area.

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