How to Keep Your Steel Building in a Top Notch Condition?

Maintenance of steel building is much different from the maintenance of brick and mortar. We have listed some ways to look after the care and maintenance of your steel building to keep it in a top notch condition.

Safety Tips

  1. Don’t ignore the simple maintenance. The DIY lovers can implement these simple steel building maintenance upkeep projects. But, if you are not able to do the structural building care and maintenance all by yourself, hire the aid of a reliable, licensed, and insured professional from Metal Building Repair Houston, instead of letting the maintenance undone.
  2. Practice the ladder safety. Always use a sturdy ladder that is able to reach a minimum of three feet above the roofline. Ensure that the ladder is level and is on firm ground. Secure the ladder firmly to the structure. Never dare to climb on the roof alone and ensure that someone is standing by to assist if required.
  3. Take extreme caution on the metal roofs. Don heavy duty rubber soled work boots. Walk on the valleys of the steel panels and not on the raised ribs. If possible, always walk on the lines which are equipped with secured screws on the roof panels to the purlins. Never even think of walking on the wet roof panels. Never put a foot on a skylight or any other translucent panel.

Preventive Maintenance Tips

  1. Get rid of the huge items by hand, encompassing the roof panel pieces or flashing.
  2. Sweep the smaller metal construction garbage off the roof gently with the help of a soft bristled nylon brush or broom.
  3. Repeat these steps again after the repairs or modifications are made.
  4. Make sure that any condensation from the air conditioning units is drained off from the structure.
  5. If the water accumulates after the rain or snow, change the terrain around the building to enhance the drainage.
  6. Prevent having any open water storage tanks or chemicals stored adjacent to the metal building walls.
  7. Don’t fasten the copper pipes directly to the metal building panels.
  8. Always keep the plants trimmed back at list 5 inches from the direct contact with the metal building.

Long term maintenance tips

  1. Clean away the accumulated debris from vent fan blades as required.
  2. Expansion and contraction may loosen the screws without appropriate structural building maintenance.

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