The Different Modern Commercial Building Plans

When it comes to operating a business, you need to ensure that it stands out as much as possible. Developing a commercial building plan is just as important as your business’s brand. You must create an inviting and eye-catching building for your clients, occupants, and employees. 

You can find different types of commercial building plans that many businesses utilize to reel in more clients and customers. Keep in mind that creating a commercial building requires extensive planning with expert contractors to ensure it looks how you wanted it to appear. If you don’t know what commercial building plans are or lack ideas on what you want to achieve, you may consider these below. 

  1. Transitional Design

One plan you can consider using for your commercial building’s construction is a transitional design. You don’t have to start from the beginning since it only requires you to blend older designs with newer, modern ones. One way you can achieve transitional design is by matching architectural panels with a ship-lap wood-look installation. Contractors will rivet the ship-lap into position to provide the building with a more industrial-like appearance with a transitional vibe. 

  1. Bold Branding

Every business brand will have specific lines, textures, and colors. If you want to accentuate those features more, you can do that by allowing them in your business design’s forefront. One example is installing large, bold panels on your building’s entrance area to catch the public’s attention. You only need an empty exterior front facade on your building to place your brand name and logo. 

  1. Mixed Messages

Another modern commercial building plan is mixed messages, which is a plan to incorporate when there’s another commercial building in front. It can appear conflicting for passersby, making them uninterested in taking a peek inside both buildings. You have to focus on creating an alluring entryway that’ll grab anyone’s attention at once. 

You can use different construction materials like large architectural panels to create a sleek exterior around the entryway. If building systems and components are on the exterior facade, you can hide them by installing general-purpose access doors and panels. You can paint over them with the same color as their surroundings to make them appear almost invisible. 

  1. Minor Details

Each detail you place on your exterior facade counts. Besides using traditional lap siding to gain some texture and natural appearance, you can place minor details that incorporate flat architectural panels with a wood grain-look panel framed out by a similar contemporary trim. The result you get is an exterior building facade that looks natural while showing stylish and sleekness. 

  1. Fresh and Exciting Colors

Colors mean everything to a commercial building because it creates lasting impressions to people that pass by it. Most new businesses need to start strong, and what better way to attain that than with bold colors. Make sure you go for unique colors that not many commercial buildings use, like neon green or chartreuse.

  1. Repetitive Lines

Don’t make your commercial building appear dull by using repeating lines. You can choose one area of your exterior facade and have your contractors place the repeating lines. You also have to consider selecting different materials, surfaces, and colors for each repeated line to make it appear attractive. 

Don’t forget the importance of symmetry for repeating lines because any misaligned piece can ruin the entire exterior surface. Make sure you hire reliable contractors to ensure the construction project goes smoothly. 

  1. Contrasting Colors and Lines

Make sure you experiment with your paneling’s colors and lines to make your commercial building’s exterior exciting. You can refer to the color palette to figure out which combinations work well together. You can also use different panel sizes to create unique lines that not many commercial buildings have. 

  1. Subtle Design

You can find several commercial buildings that like to keep a simple branding. If you want the same thing for your business, you have to go for a subtle design. It helps your building blend in with the other nearby buildings, making it slightly difficult for clients and customers to find you. However, you shouldn’t worry about using minimalistic designs if you have a well-established business. 

Modern commercial buildings need to look amazing if businesses want to bring in more customers and clients to buy their products or services. Don’t forget the top eight commercial building plans mentioned above to create a unique and appealing building. 

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