How to make your open house fit for Instagram

The days are well behind us when people used to look for open house ads in a newspaper or ask neighbors about them. Since entering the digital era, social media has emerged as the top marketing channel. Especially if we talk about Instagram it is being widely used for all sorts of marketing gimmicks thanks to its fantastic reach capability.

If you’re a listing agent, you know how important it is to market your open house on the right platform to get the proper response. We are here to help you make your open house Instagram-worthy with these five tips, so keep reading.

The open house sign

First, create an appealing open house sign if you wish to host a successful open house. And why do we say that? Well, it gives the first impression to people who visit you. So instead of just putting up a sign that says ‘For Sale,’ put a clear, neatly designed sign.

Place the sign at least a week early to catch the eyes of passersby and neighbors, and remember to include the open house hours. Your open house sign must include your name or website address and a contact number.

You can match the sign’s colors with your website theme or logo. Don’t forget to remove the character as soon as you’re done hosting the event.

Add a ‘homely’ touch

Open house is not just about people coming to see a place, but they are looking for a home to live in. So, you must present the house with a ‘homely’ touch that gives them the desired feeling. That is why many open houses bake cookies or add a kid’s play area. You can do the same but in an Insta-worthy way.

Get the home cleaned professionally, and add a pop of color around. Create a feel-good atmosphere with good lighting and comfortable temperature. Open the windows or lit the fireplace if it has one. While you’re at it, don’t forget the outdoors. Trim and tidy the garden, offering snacks and fruit outside with a cute set-up. These small details will work their magic.

Make use of real estate flyers

While we are all about promoting a business online, we can not deny the importance of open house flyers. They are sometimes taken for granted, but that is only because people don’t pay much heed to dull leaflets. But even today, suitable flyers can help you get traffic to your event.

Use online tools and websites like PosterMyWall to design an attractive and exciting flyer. There are hundreds of real estate flyer templates available for you to choose from. Don’t be afraid of being creative. Go with the vibe and theme of the open house event, and make sure to include all the essential details like location, date, and time on your flyer.

Utilize influencer/celebrity marketing

You must wonder why we tell you to invite a celebrity or influencer to an open house event. Well, the answer is Instagram. Any event that includes an Instagram influencer automatically becomes Instagram-worthy; the good part is that it reaches a larger audience through that influencer.

Influencer marketing is on an all-time rise, so there is no better way to promote your event. If you deal with high-end real estate properties and the house is located in a neighborhood where famous people reside, inviting someone famous will take your event one notch higher. People love to click pictures and take videos of places with influencers or celebrities. So, ask some and see how many posts you find on Instagram after that of your property.

An Instagram-worthy backdrop

People not only like taking pictures with famous people, but they also like taking their own pictures. They want more likes on their Instagram post, so they always look for that perfect picture spot. So why not give them that? But in a way that promotes your open house, too.

Set up a cute, indoors or outdoors backdrop that seems welcoming and attracts the people visiting. You can also do it as an Instagram photo booth. Throw in some color and props (you’ll be amazed to see how people still like props). You can even create a sign (neon is trending) and place it on the backdrop.

Ask people to tag you on Instagram when they pose with the backdrop. You can even advertise your website and reuse the backdrop at other events you host.

Follow these ideas to make your Open House fit for Instagram and make your event successful. Happy Instagramming – Ciao!

Written by: Raahim Jamshed

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