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Generally, the sales team members are drowned in a sea of tasks that seem to have no end.  If it is not managing the ever-expanding client base, it is handling endless paperwork, achieving sales targets, and ensuring clear communication.

With the increasing pressure, sales professionals often find themselves overwhelmed and de-motivated. They become dissatisfied and disengaged. This has a detrimental effect on the entire organization in various ways – from profits suffering to attrition.

Now is the time to lend the company’s salesperson a helping hand and support them with some of the tasks they were doing or getting done manually. One of the most time-consuming is getting documents signed.

Advantages of using electronic signatures

When users use an electronic signature, they are free from performing the printing, scanning, and mailing of the document. An eSignature makes life much easier for a sales professional, saving time and resources and providing a precise and reliable means of confirming the signatory’s identity.

Generally, PDF documents are affixed with electronic signatures. These could be NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), pay orders, and contracts, to name a few.  Several eSignature software will support various types of file extensions and even e-mails.

Let’s look at the various advantages of using eSignature technology for the sales team.

eSignatures are reliable

For a sales team, a key factor is that the document is affixed with the signature of the person who has the authority to sign it so that the document becomes binding.  With an electronic signature, it is possible to know who the signatory to the document is, and it also ensures that the information has not been modified after being signed. Once the document has been signed, the signatory cannot back out by denying that the document has been modified post-signing.

Not bound by time and location

With changing times the possibility of all signatories being in the same room while documents are signed is not feasible.  People are located all across the world and interact with each other, and now and time and again, they need to sign contracts, orders, etc., between their various organizations or offices.  Since a signature on a document is generally the closing of a deal for a salesperson, it should not become a struggle to get one.  So, even if their client is located several time zones away enjoying a holiday on a remote island, an eSignature for Sales Teams can still make the deal binding.  The same will be the case when there are multiple signatories to the document but located in different places.  They can all sign from wherever they are. The beauty of an eSignature is that it is not restricted to location and time.

Quick, easy, and cost-effective

The speed with which the users can affix an electronic signature to a document is about as quick as getting a pen and paper. But in the electronic format, much less time is required to reach the document to the signatory and for the signatory to handle the paper documents.

It becomes more accessible and quicker if document printing, etc., does not need to be done to send the paper document for signatures. So, the sales team can close deals much faster, with virtually no delay in sending-receiving documents, pre-, and post-signing.

Easy to organize

An electronic document is affixed with an electronic signature and is preferably saved in digital format. So, paper files do not need to be created, organized, stored, and cared for.  It leaves a company’s sales team with the time that is better utilized and a mind that can focus on essential matters.

eSignature is accepted globally

Sales professionals can get their documents electronically signed since this is a globally legal format for endorsing documents and legally binding on the signatories. It requires no separate evidence to be legally binding and implementable. Various regulations in different countries guide these signatures.

Easy progress tracking

Tracking documents sent out for signatures and other mundane tasks can be tedious and time-consuming.  But with eSignature apps, such as Signeasy, users will get an intuitive dashboard that provides the sales personnel a quick update on documents pending for their signatures, the signature requests sent out by them, and are still pending, recommendations that have been completed, and so on. It provides the user the facility to send out reminders as well.

Human-error proof

Electronic signature apps, such as Signeasy, come with the feature of creating personalized templates. They also have document fields that the sales force can use to specify where the electronic sign needs to be affixed or where and what information needs input.

Easy integration with apps

Signeasy integrates the eSignature service with the app used by the sales force for work, communication, etc., so that the users can continue to work in the same interface without having to toggle for Signeasy. Signeasy integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, and Salesforce, and collaboration can happen at a new level.


Electronic signature apps, like Signeasy, work from the same workspace they use for their work and communication. eSignatures are legally binding, safe, and quick to implement.

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