How To Prolong The Life Of Your Sanitary Hose

Proper hose maintenance is a key way to prolong the life of your sanitary hose as it can help to prevent damage while also allowing for a safe work environment. There are several potential problems to keep an eye out for where your Sanitary Hose is concerned including wear and tear, kinking, improper drainage, and much more. Finding solutions to solve these complications not only helps to prolong the life of your sanitary hose, saving you time and money, but also yields a safe workspace.

Normal wear and tear is just that; normal, but over time it can become a serious problem. It can be caused by dragging your sanitary hose during transfer, and in environments where abnormal cover wear can occur, it can drastically shorten the life span of your sanitary hose. Over longer periods of time, severe wear and tear can expose or damage sanitary hose reinforcement layers, which leads to possible rupturing. This can cause cleaning or environmental chemicals to seep into the body of the hose and, in severe cases, leech into the product. This potential rupturing in the hose can lead to possible injuries during handling as well as product loss.

Kinking is caused by exceeding the stated minimum bend radius (the smallest radius at which a hose can be used) of the sanitary hose as well as reduced flexibility and stability of the hose. When storing your hose, hanging it on a single hook can also cause kinking because it would not abide by the minimum bend radius. Kinking can yield the possibility of many further issues including disruptions of product flow as well as the weakening of the integrity of the hose, which is a safety concern. The weakening of hose integrity can cause ruptures and, as mentioned above, ruptures in your sanitary hose can lead to possible injuries and product loss. This not only wastes money, but also becomes dangerous for the maintenance staff.

Proper Preventative Hose Maintenance

Preventative hose maintenance is an effective way to prolong the life of your sanitary hose. Preventative hose maintenance, including examination by an independent 3A inspector as well as the addition of hose accessories to your sanitary hose, can help to solve the potential issues associated with sanitary hose maintenance.

Review by an independent 3A inspector verifies proper function of your sanitary hose and ensures that they are clean on an allergen and microbial level.

Sanitary Hose accessories such as hose supports and hose racks with proper half-moon storage (that supports the minimum bend radius) can aid in helping to reduce wear and tear, prevent kinking, assist with proper draining, and many other problems associated with sanitary hose maintenance.

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