The Best Type of Foundation Repair for Your House

Many homeowners think the best thing to do when their foundation is damaged is to replace it. One should consider repairing before going the extra mile or replacing it. Many signs may indicate the need for foundation repair. These signs are cracks in the walls in the basement of the walls, shifting floors, sticking windows and doors, foggy windows, and even gaps at the joint of the house foundation. The different foundation problems will require different types of repair. A foundation repair expert is required to evaluate the cause of damage to recommend a suitable repair method. Many foundation repair experts can reach out to them in case they see any signs of a damaged foundation. For instance, foundation repair Irving. The types of foundation repairs for your house are:

  • Helical piers. The helical repairs are ideal for both the interior and exterior slack repairs. It is considered a permanent foundation repair method. Galvanized steel is used in this method. The steel posts are warped into the basement with a helically-shaped plug that looks like a screw. It pulls the pier deeper below the basement when being turned by machinery. The helical piers are strong enough to hold the weight of the foundation without the need for bedrock. The steel posts are drilled deep into the basement to provide permanent support.
  • Steel piers. Steel piercing involves using many pilling of steel pipes to position the settlement of the foundation. It is commonly used in buildings that tend to have a downward motion. A hydraulic lifting system is used together with the steel piers to lift the foundation hence making it stable.
  • Slab jacking. Slab jacking is a commonly used technique used to prevent the foundation from sinking. With slab jacking, holes are drilled into the basement at regular intervals. A mixture of polyurethane foam and water is then injected into the basement. The mixture helps to compact the loose soil. Once the process is done, the holes are then plugged in. It is a commonly used method since it is cost-effective.
  • Concrete piers. Concrete piers are designed to strengthen concrete to make the foundations more stable. This in turn helps in preventing any form of settlement or sinking from occurring. The foundation repair expert will drill voids below the basement and then pour the liquid concrete. Once the concrete pier has hardened, the foundation will be lifted in the ideal elevation with the use of jacks. The concrete piers are cost-effective and help in saving time. The soil beneath the basement will help determine if this type of repair will suit your foundation. It’s a permanent way of repairing the basement.

Sealants can also be used to repair cracks in the foundation. It is ideal for foundations having minor cracks. Examples of sealants include epoxy, polyurethane, and hydraulic cement. The foundation repair expert

Foundation repair experts will provide advice on the best sealant to fix your foundation crack.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there are many types of foundation repairs. The above article has illustrated some of the examples. In case you notice any cracks on the foundation or any signs that may indicate foundation damage, you can seek the help of a foundation repair expert. Ignorance can make one incur more costs in fixing the foundation once it is fully damaged.

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