The Industrial Brakes Knowhow: Functioning, Apparatus, and Varieties 

Brakes from an essential cog in any machine as an effective preventive device. They are found in several daily operating machines, from vehicles to cranes to conveyors and other industrial equipment. These braking systems prevent your equipment from breaking down. These brakes operate so that they can halt any movement in a quick time frame and hold movable parts in place when required. There are various industrial brakes for sale that perform an array of functions depending on how one wishes to apply the braking system.

How do Industrial Brakes Work? 

The primary work of any form of brake is to reduce or stop movement. Brakes use friction to stop the inertia of any form and then hold the part generating said inertia in place. The brake calipers housed inside the system convert the kinetic energy formed between moving parts to a form of heat energy that slows down the movement process.

Types of Industrial Brakes

The broad classification of industrial brakes can originate from the classification between a disc brake and a drum brake. The industrial brakes that are available for sale usually employ these braking systems in their apparatus.

In the disc brake mechanism, the brake uses calipers to squeeze a pair of pads against the disc, creating friction. This friction slows down the movement of the rotating parts and then holds it stationary when the movement has been exhausted. On the other hand, drum brakes consist of hydraulic wheel cylinders, brake shoes, and a brake drum. When the brake apparatus is applied, the pair of brake shoes are forced by hydraulic wheel cylinders against the rotating brake drum. The resultant contact produces an effect that ends with the slowing down or stoppage of the moving parts.

The different kinds of industrial brakes available for sale include options such as: 

  • Spring Applied Brakes: These make use of electromagnetic solenoids as release mechanisms to decelerate moving loads and hold static loads in place in any malfunctioning of the release system.
  • Pneumatic Brakes: These use an air compression-braking apparatus where once pressure is applied on the system, compressed air is released, which forces the brake shoes toward the drum to slow down or stop the movement.
  • Hydraulic Release Brakes: Such brakes use hydraulic power for adjusting brake torque.

About WPT Power 

 The WPT Power Corporation, headquartered in Wichita Falls, Texas, is a leading manufacturer of mechanical transmission equipment providing products to industries across the world. What began as a company supplying pneumatic clutches and brakes to the oil and gas industry has transformed into a mammoth operation providing a wide range of product lines and services to multiple industries.

The company provides products that find application in heavy-duty industrial operations where the operation, control, and transfer of power and torque happen regularly. The company provides products for such mass application and has enjoyed a reputation permeating through different industries to guarantee that comes with their products.

Since 1993, the company has been at the forefront of industrial product manufacturing and produces genuine industrial brakes available for sale such as the Mining Brakes, Water-Cooled Brakes, and Caliper Disc Brakes along with brake sets such as Low Inertia Spring Set and Pin Drive Spring Set.

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