Geotechnical Investigations Before Construction: Is It a Must?

Before developing a land, builders or engineers must test the soil to determine its properties. With this process, the soil conditions can be established. Also, it helps determine whether the soil is solid enough for construction and identify the properties of the building itself. Geotechnique LCL is carried out when preparing the building and the site. The investigation process is performed by drilling into the soil, grading it, and determining its properties.

Importance of Soil Testing

Geotechnical investigations are important in the construction process. Once investigators establish the settlement of the soil and other related data, engineers and buildings can use the soil properties to determine soil sustainability. This lets them evaluate whether the location can accommodate the construction projects. Also, the investigation helps identify the various kinds of soil present on the site and their specific location. Investigators can test the soil for density, strength, contamination, and sand content as well as evaluate the impact of the soil on the construction project. The data that can be collected will be used for compiling technical and safety data reports that will be needed when it is time to get planning permissions. Lastly, geotechnical assessments provide precise results and guarantee maximum project quality and safety.

Geotechnical Investigation Inclusions

Geotechnical investigations are carried out by experienced geotechnical engineers and geologists. These experts work do their work to obtain information on the physical characteristics of soil and rocks. The investigation is intended to design earthworks, pilings, and foundations for structures, a well as perform repairs that result from changes in the subsurface environment. Investigators will examine the samples before the development of the site. It includes surface and subsurface exploration, laboratory analysis, and soil sampling. By getting a proper soil investigation, property owners can determine if there will be soil-related issues that may impact the construction process. These issues may include getting deeper footings that may cost more than they have expected. The investigation lets them adjust their finances accordingly.

When is a Soil Investigation Necessary?

In almost all construction projects that require some kinds of footings, soil reports are a must. Environmental solution consultants specialize in soil testing and construction footing repairs. Thus, those who are planning to construct a new house, extend their existing house, or build a commercial building should contact one of these consultants to know how they can provide them with a soil investigation.

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