The uses of IBC dispensing systems in the construction industry

The number of risk factors in the construction industry is quite long. Some of the threats may be eliminated or at least minimised. The construction industry is closely connected to transporting solutions. Thanks to the IBC  dispensing systems, it’s possible to maintain site safety and protect the environment from any solution spill. What are the uses of IBC dispensing systems in the construction industry?

What is an IBC?

It’s more than sure you have seen Intermediate Bulk Containers, in short IBCs. They have been present on the market for over 30 years now. IBCs are typically attached to pallets with a protective metal cage, and the containers have a lid and nozzle to allow for easy filling and dispensing.

The containers are successfully used in a wide range of companies. Thanks to Flux Pumps dispensing systems, it’s possible to safely transport abrasive fluids, highly flammable or aerated liquids.

The basic version of IBCs is still popular, yet the containers come in different shapes and sizes nowadays.

IBCs dispensing systems

The IBCs dispensing systems for the construction industry must be heavy-duty models. They ensure smooth liquid transfer and must be overload-proof.

The injection-moulded/cast pumps are important too. Depending on the solution inside an IBC, they are available in cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium, and acetal body materials.

To ensure smooth delivery, air-operated diaphragm pumps are used, with high pressure of up to 8 bar.

The uses of IBCs

There are plenty of situations when IBCs may be used. Rebottled IBC totes are perfect for holding a large amount of water. It may be water for drinking, or for other purposes. In the construction industry water is necessary for the construction mix.

Thanks to flux air-operated diaphragm pumps and specialised valves, the water has a high delivery rate, and it’s safely kept away from rivers.

The construction industry has lots to do with chemical substances, such as concrete hardeners, protective and decorative coating, or mould release agents. We really need to protect against any leakage, so IBCs are the perfect solution.

Big construction sites may also store large quantities of oil, or paint. Due to the fumes and flammability of the products, they must be safely sealed in  leaks and flame-resistant IBCs.

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