What is construction vibration monitoring?

Monitoring vibration is usually done near the construction sites by the constructors to see that there is no damage done and to check if no damage is done in the adjacent buildings. As construction produces vibration at a large scale therefore it may affect the surroundings as well. The main aim of the construction team is to minimize the vibrations caused by the machines so that the work continues as usual in the adjacent buildings and they do not get disturbed. It may depend on a number of factors like the type of construction, the proximity of the site, or the sensitivity of the equipment. During construction, one can assess the vibration sensitivity, predict potential impacts and keep a check on vibrations. Hence, construction vibration monitoring is essential.

Therefore keeping in mind the above problems continuous invigilation is required at most of the construction or building sites which is provided by the contractor itself. HE/she checks if there is structural damage to the nearby buildings and the living in the building are not disturbed due to the construction. The inspection usually consists of checking the cracks in the nearby buildings and the contractor first checks the cracks before the construction starts and then checks again after the construction finishes. The ones who face the most problems are the healthcare facilities as they have many sensitive types of equipment like Computed Tomography(CT), Nuclear magnetic resonance, microscopes, and other equipment. Every contractor wants that it doesn’t affect the patients inside the hospitals negatively or cause any negative effect in the MRI images, delay research, or disrupt any other equipment. Therefore before starting the work the constructor has to study the location and see that the construction site fits into the big picture of the surroundings.

How is it measured?

It is generally measured with the help of passing movements in the ground or the structure using a seismograph or any other device which can be used to record the movements or vibrations. It is useful to address and analyze the vibrations post-construction and then make a report. The seismographs generally detect the ground vibration by the movements of a magnet which is suspended in a surrounding coil of a wire. The speed of the movement of the magnet determines the vibrations which get recorded in the seismograph. One can use measuring DIN 4150-3 for the same.

If all of the above procedures take place correctly then the vibration monitoring can take place with accuracy which can prevent damage to the adjacent buildings.

Understanding the importance of vibration monitoring, it’s important for everyone to know its value and to spread the word to others too and make them understand its importance. Some countries have made it compulsory to monitor the construction sites and see that the contractors do not violate any laws and follow all the standard procedures and make it a necessary precaution in any project they take. It should be started as soon as possible by the contractor and not when any damage is reported so that any action required can be taken quickly.

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