It’s Easier To Create More Space Within Your Home Than You Might Think

Even the most ardent of minimalists might occasionally find themselves in need of more space because, as we make ourselves a home, we are naturally inclined to collect more belongings. For those without the ability to dispose of what doesn’t make them happy, a la Maire Kondo, creating as much space as possible within a home is essential. And, while it may occasionally seem impossible to achieve, it is, in fact, easier than you think.

Here are the best ways to organise and design your home living space to maximise the room you have, whether that ultimately gets used for emptiness or to welcome more belongings!

Break Down Walls

If you have the budget and the gumption for a major renovation, merging two rooms into an open space or replacing windows with larger ones is a fantastic way to enlarge a room. The former is a particularly costly job, one that might be limited to certain rooms, but has a substantial return on investment, increasing the value of most homes. The latter may only trick the mind into thinking there is more space within a room but it does such a fantastic job that you would be hard-pressed to find a better method.

Store, Stash, and Conceal

Storage is the best investment a homeowner can make for their sense of space. In addition to seeking out more efficient storage than you might already have, it is worth considering storage that combines itself with preexisting furniture. Items, such as beds and sofas, are often unnecessarily hollow, meaning they consume space that could otherwise be used to store those objects you need only infrequently.

By taking a more vigilant look at your home you will begin to see exactly what can be combined and confined. You may think that certain objects need to be on display or accessible, however, most homeowners prefer space over decoration.

Make Your Own

Building an extension is expensive and often impossible. Those with garden spaces, however, may be able to enjoy a garden outbuilding instead. These assets, such as log cabins and summer houses, are affordable exterior rooms that can easily be erected without compromising local council guidelines. Once up, they increase a property’s floorplan and value, acting as an entire extra room.

Two Become One

If removing a wall to join two rooms isn’t possible, you should consider merging two rooms. Certain spaces, such as spare bedrooms, utility and storage rooms, attics and basements, are often exclusive spaces without good reason. Instead of keeping two infrequently used rooms sit away from each other, consider moving them into the same space instead.

Build Higher, Not Wider

Looking at your home, ask yourself, what can be lifted? Consider which items, instead, could be stored at a greater vertical level. Because of the way we interact with the world around us, humans tend to prefer belongings to be kept at a lower level. However, many objects can easily and more practically be stored at height instead. Bikes can be mounted onto walls when not in use, pans can be taken from the cupboard and stacked on shelves, and your shoes can come out of the cupboard and onto a rail. These little tweaks all add up, making a big difference in your home’s sense of space!

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