Keeping The Exterior Of Your Office Building Looking Fantastic

When your company invests in an office building, you must maintain it correctly and keep it looking fantastic. Your offices are an advertisement for your company, so you will not want their appearance to taint the public perception of your company. You must do many things to help keep your offices exterior in excellent condition, and it is a task that requires constant attention. Below are some of the jobs you must tackle to keep your offices looking excellent and ensure they portray the correct image of your company that you want.

Keep It Free From Litter

You will want to ensure that there are plenty of bins surrounding your property for people to discard their rubbish and that these are emptied regularly. However, even with rubbish bins, some people will litter, so you will also need someone to sweep the grounds of your office building and pick up litter. Litter picking is a task that needs constant attention, and you will want to have someone going around once a week and collecting any rubbish they find.

A Well-Maintained Car Park

You will also want to ensure that your car park is well-maintained and in excellent condition, which can help make an excellent first impression for visitors to your business. You must ensure the car park is well-lit and free from rubbish, and you may need to get the car park line marking redone every five years or so, as the lines do fade. You will also want CCTV covering the car park and, if possible, a security guard to help keep vehicles safe and secure. You will also want to address and damage to the car park surface as soon as it is found, to prevent visitors and employees damaging their cars in it.

Eliminate Graffiti

You will also want to ensure that your property does not get covered in graffiti, with some areas having more of a problem than others with graffiti. If graffiti artists regularly target your property, you will want to take measures to stop them, which means covering your property in a substance that does not allow the paint to adhere to the surface. They can still spray paint on your property, but it will be much easier to clean off than if it is not covered in a barrier coating.

Keeping It Green

If you have green space surrounding your building, you will also want to have some maintain it and keep it looking fantastic. Ensure the grass is mowed, any borders or flower beds are dug over and weeded, and things look tidy. During the warmer months, people may congregate outside, so have suitable seating for everyone to enjoy the open and green space.

Clean Your Windows

You will also need to employ a company to come and clean the windows of your office building, which will need to be done a couple of times per year. With all the other work you do to maintain your office building, this will be the finishing touch and ensure your company portrays an excellent image and first impression.

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