Questions To Ask A Skip Bin Hire Company Before Hiring Their Service

Do you need to hire Coffs Harbour skip bins? If so, then finding the right company is something you need to accomplish. Just so you know, skip bins may be created equal or at least close in quality, but the services of one skip bin hire company from the other are not the same.

If you are planning to hire their service, you have to make sure that you are hiring a company that can provide you a service that will surpass your expectations. Yes, it is just rubbish you need to deal with, however their service comes with a fee, hence, there is no reason to hire just any company available.

One of the things you can do in order to find the best skip bin hire company is by asking questions. As long as the questions you ask are relevant to the service they provide, there is no reason not to spill it out and get answers from it.

Moving on, here are a few questions you can start with:

Where do you dispose of the rubbish?

If you are concerned about Mother Nature, this is a question you must ask. You are hiring their services in the hopes that your rubbish will be disposed of properly. Yes, it is for convenience but to maximize their service it would be a great add on if you can help to save the environment as well by asking where they dispose of their rubbish.

It is their company’s responsibility to make sure that rubbish is disposed of properly and responsibly, hence, asking this question should not be too hard for them to answer.

What if I need to extend the hire period?

Sometimes, even if you are sure with the dates you need the skip bin, there are still instances when you need to extend the dates of your rental. Even if you have a definite time in mind, it would still help you to ask their charges in case you need to extend the rental period of the skip bin whether it is for one day, two, etc.

This is just to make you prepared if something comes up unexpectedly.

How much weight am I covered for?

Dumping rubbish responsibly is a very costly business. The charge to tip rubbish at the Coffs Harbour dump, for general waste, is currently $330 per ton and skip bin operators are obviously going to want to cover their possible losses if the skip bin weighs an excessive amount. Most operators will cover you for a base weight of 200-300 kg’s, anything over these base weight allowance will be charged above the standard skp bin hire amount. It is important to understand how much over the base price it may cost you to hire a skip bin if the bin has excessive weight over their allowance once collected. 

Do they offer a 24/7 or 6 days a week service?

Do they offer a 24/7 or 6 days a week service? Can they deliver and pick up the bin anytime needed? Can you call them at any given time to render their service, or do they have strict business hours to follow?

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