Packaging Designing Tips To Offer Consumers Overall Brand Experience

Cosmetic product consumers look for more in a product. They search for brand experience. The retail shelf is always crowded and to look different, you can opt for an appealing packaging design. So, go for cohesive brand image that conveys trust. Packaging plays a vital role in communicating and establishing a cosmetic brand.

Customers look at the packaging of a product to evaluate the products value and experience they will obtain with the purchase. Therefore look for packaging companies that ingrain innovations ranging from processes to tools & printing techniques. Cosmetic boxes wholesale suppliers need to be innovative, so as to offer packaging design that engage customers as soon as they see your brand displayed on the shelf.

Packaging designing tips to offer consumers overall brand experience

Use high contrast & special finishes

Human eye naturally gets drawn towards high contrast zones. Therefore incorporate contrast colors like black and white to grab consumer’s attention on the retail shops top shelf. Special finishes like hot foils or embossing can be applied on smooth surface to create contrast elements as well as add luxurious feel to the packaging.

Multi-sensory effects

The packaging should be visually appealing to the eyes. Moreover incorporate tangible elements like embossing or debossing as textured finishes, which encourages customer’s to hold the package in their hands. Other interactive elements like doors and flaps also invite customers to engage with product in an innovative way.

Consistent color scheme

Human brain remembers colors more than a font or brand logo. Keep packaging’s color palette consistent across different product lines of your brand. This will make it very easy for customers to repeat purchase of your brand, in a glance. It even plays a vital role in revealing what your brand means.

  • Minimalist packaging design in white is related commonly with modern and sleek products
  • Metallic, deep and black colors are connected with luxurious and high end products, especially when they are paired with dazzling or glossy finish.
  • Youngsters find vibrant, bright colors with playful look appealing.
  • Natural and unfinished cardboard colors arouse a sense of natural and raw. They appeal to consumer’s proponent of organic and unprocessed cosmetic products.
  • Soft pastel colors are linked with soothing, calming, and gentle products.

Determine the experience you wish your brand to symbolize and then define an efficient packaging strategy, so as to convert new interested customers into loyal ones. Therefore it is crucial to opt for packaging providers capable to handle end to end package designing and printing process.

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