San Diego Custom Furniture Maker Fills a Gap in the Marketplace

If you’ve looked for new furniture in the San Diego area recently, you may have been frustrated by what you found. You probably found a lot of furniture in retail stores that was poorly made using low quality materials. In other words, pieces that will likely start to fall apart or look ragged after only a few years of use, and therefore not worth your hard-earned dollars. On the other end of the spectrum, you likely found expensive, high-end furniture pieces that were out of your budget, and still weren’t exactly what you were looking for.

With neither option being ideal, furniture shoppers are beginning to turn to San Diego custom furniture makers like Three Pines Wood Co. for pieces to fill their homes. Small woodworking companies like Three Pines Wood Co. are filling the gap between stores that sell inexpensive and cheaply made furniture and those that cater to luxury homeowners and sell expensive, high-end pieces.

Jack Ward, owner of Three Pines, had this to say, “More and more people are starting to realize that they can get quality, custom pieces for prices similar to what they find in mid- to high-level furniture stores in San Diego. But instead of having to settle for a piece that isn’t exactly what they want, they can get something made specifically for their home. At our company, we work directly with our customers to design pieces that are exactly what they want. We provide realistic renderings for them to approve before we purchase materials or start building. We also offer lots of options to our customers, such as they type of wood that will be used in their pieces and the color of the stain we use. We will even mix custom stain colors to make sure we get the color exactly right.”

Most custom furniture makers in San Diego are able to make pieces in any style the customer wants. Ward says, “There’s a misconception among some people that custom furniture makers can only make a certain style of furniture, such as Craftsman or rustic-style pieces, or more modern pieces. However, a talented craftsman can build furniture in whatever style the customer wants. That being said, there are some furniture builders out there that focus on more simple styles, such as modern farmhouse dining tables, because they are limited in their abilities or by the types of tools they have. At our company, we can build literally anything that’s made from wood. We aren’t limited by style.”

Custom furniture makers are also typically not limited by size, either. Many homeowners who turn to custom furniture makers in San Diego do so because they need a piece of a specific size to fit a certain space in their home. They may need a long, skinny dining table to go in an especially narrow dining room, or a custom entertainment unit to fit a large television and multiple components. Whatever the case may be, a custom furniture maker can typically handle any size request. They may even come to a customer’s home to help them decide on the perfect dimensions for their piece.

The prices you get from custom furniture makers can run the gamut, so if price is a concern, be sure to get multiple bids on the piece you want built. But don’t let price be the only determiner on the builder you eventually go with. Look for a custom furniture portfolio made up of quality pieces that show a range of abilities.

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