Why Do I need a Geotechnical Engineer?

Geotechnical consultants are skilled consultants regarding soil and rocks and the safety of humans and the environment.

Production of new roads – Roads require a lot of planning and foresight; they affect hundreds of people every day and can greatly affect the function of people and businesses of the area as they increase traffic and travelling times. If infrastructure is poor, it is hard for people to adjust, however thanks to Geotechnical Engineers, roads can start to be improved from centuries of poorly planned road systems.

Tunnelling – Tunnelling is a serious undertaking and can take many years to complete. The safety of everyone involved is paramount, but also the future safety of everyone who uses it for decades to come. Tunnelling projects are expected to survive in peak performance for hundreds of years, such as railway tunnels in mountains, tunnels under the sea, connecting countries, or even tube stations underground such as the London Underground

Naturally occurring issues can cause unplanned jobs for geotechnical engineers.

Seismic changes are the natural shifting of the earth’s crust. Seismic activity can be slow and not noticed in short periods of time, or it could look like a volcanic eruption, an earthquake, the formation of mountains and glacial changes.

Tsunamis are an example of a large-scale natural disaster that can dramatically affect the environmental and social economy of the place of occurrence. It can make a once-safe place extremely volatile, changing the consistency and chemistry of the soil.

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