3 Simple Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Refreshed And Updated

While not many people outside of your family will see your bathroom on a regular basis, this room isn’t one you’re going to want to overlook when you’re redecorating or renovating your home. Since you’re going to be spending a decent amount of time in this space, it’s very much worth your while to create a space that you’ll love to be in. And, since modern bathrooms can up the resale value of your home, making your bathroom sparkle can pay dividends in the long-run, too.

To help you see how you can make some quick and simple changes that will appear to make a huge difference, here are three simple ways to make your bathroom look refreshed and updated. 

Get A New Vanity

One of the biggest features of your bathroom is the vanity. This multi-use space usually holds the bathroom sink while also serving as storage. So to ensure that it can do both jobs while looking beautiful, you might want to consider replacing your old vanity with something a little newer. 

When considering a new vanity, you may want to look into getting a vanity combo. This will have a vanity that comes with a sink and a countertop already put together. Especially if you’re planning on doing the renovation yourself, having these pieces already assembled and ready to install can be a real lifesaver. 

Upgrade Your Mirror

For those trying to deal with a small bathroom, installing another mirror or two can do wonders for opening up and brightening the space. But even if your bathroom doesn’t need to appear larger or already has an older mirror in it, replacing that mirror with something with more character can be a great update. 

With the stock mirror that your bathroom came with, the space can feel very impersonal and boring. But by adding a frame around the mirror, a mirror of an interesting shape, or some kind of decor around the mirror, you can add interest and personality to the entire space. 

Put Up Some Fresh Wallpaper

While your first thought for updating your bathroom might not be to add wallpaper, making a bold statement like this can make any bathroom look much more modern and sophisticated. Especially if you choose a wallpaper that is easy to remove if you ever get the desire to change things up again, going with something new on the walls can have a very dramatic impact on the space. 

Your bathroom shouldn’t be the last room that you give your attention to when doing a remodel on your home. So to help ensure you give this space the update it deserves, consider implementing some of the decor and design tips mentioned above. 

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