6 Advantages of Purchasing Construction Material Online

Building construction is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of planning. One of the most crucial and tedious tasks involved in construction is material procurement. Simply put, procurement encompasses securing all the goods and services required to complete the construction project in a timely and satisfying manner. It is the art and manner of securing the essential goods and services, keeping in mind the quality, timelines, financial parameters and the risks involved. Today, the digital world has revolutionized the way buyers purchase building materials for construction processes. Owing to thenumerous benefits, most of them prefer buying online rather than going to the traditional brick-and-mortar locations. When buying construction materials online, the buyers get an opportunity to make a decision based on better comparison: whether the same may be regarding material ratings, quality of bricks, cement price today, the delivery time or finding a place where everything can be ordered at once. BuildSupply is one such online procurement platform that connects all the stakeholders of the construction industry to streamline the procurement process to ensure unparalleled customer experience.

If you are planning to buy construction materials, here are the top six benefits of purchasing construction materials online:

  • Wide Variety of Materials

Most offline stores that sell construction materials do not stock a large variety of products owing to warehousing issues. While some keep only TMT bars, the others might offer bricks and cement etc. Therefore, sourcing all the things that are required for construction becomes difficult. However, building materials online stores are equipped with a wide variety of construction materials across categories, making it easier for you to procure everything from a single place.

  • Quality Assurance

Many unscrupulous shops have cropped up in the market and don’t have a reputation to lose. Despite bearing the name of a reputed brand, they sell below par quality products. Online marketplaces, on the contrary, have certified suppliers whose materials have been tested for quality. Engaging in construction materials online shopping also ensure the delivery of best-quality materials since online marketplaces have a reputation to lose. You can search a lot of reputable sellers online that provide you with high-quality materials – from construction equipment rentals to corn cob grit suppliers.

  • Greater Convenience

Convenience is the biggest perk when it comes to buying construction materials online. You can make purchases from distant places, irrespective of the day and time. There are no long queues to wait in and no cashiers to track down your purchase. These online building material platforms also give benefits like price discovery, raising RFQs, material calculators, staggered deliveryetc. All you need is to log on to an online store, order the materials required and get the construction materials delivered at a convenient location.

  • Better Prices

By sourcing bulk materials directly from the manufacturer or supplier, online portals are able to offer better prices and discounts. Depending on the quantity you buy, the discounts can range from 10-30%. It’s also easier to compare prices and find a better deal online. Plus, there are multiple payment options available including credit and financing facilities, debit/credit cards, net banking etc.

  • Expert Suggestions

Online construction material market places serve as common platforms where experts from different areas come together. These experts can suggest you the right type of materials for your specific construction needs. They also offer alternatives that can help save costs. Offline stores, on the other hand, can urge you to settle for the product they sell. Since offline marketplaces flourish based on customer satisfaction, their suggestions are often unbiased.

  • Reverse Auctioning

Most of the companies selling construction supplies online use reverse auctioning wherein they send your requirement to multiple suppliers. To get the customer on board, the suppliers competing with each other have no choice but to quote their best depending on the quantity required. Hence, the prices are competitive and finding materials that suit your budget easier.

Now that you have made up your mind to complete your construction project with the materials purchased online, let us come to the next big question:

How to Choose the Right Marketplace or Website?

Here is a quick checklist to follow:

  • Check if the team has technical expertise
  • Check the brand partnership and alliances in place
  • Check if they give you an option to request for quotations
  • Check their delivery turn-around time

Reputed online procurement platforms like BuildSupply tick all the criteria mentioned above and are a one-stop destination for all your building material requirements.

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