A guide to design the bedroom of your dreams

Bedrooms are that space in your home where you spend at least one-third of your every day. So, it makes sense to invest a little more time and effort in this space, right? Now, bedroom designs are all about creating that perfect harmony of function and style. And it’s not too difficult to create such a balance of bedroom essentials. You need to keep a few crucial tips for bedroom décor, like the ones discussed below, in your mind.

Select the right colors for your bedroom

You have a vast range of options when it comes to bedroom decor ideas, but it’s better to go for the muted shades. For instance, choose sage green over bright grass green. If the plan is to make the bedroom appear bigger, go for a lighter color scheme on the walls and the fitted sheets. On the other hand, if the room gets a bit chilly and faces the north, moody tones and warm colors are good bedroom ideas.

Think of the bedroom layout that you’re going for

Sit down with a graph paper and start drawing the layout, while keeping in mind the direction of natural light in the room. The first thing to remember in bedroom design tips is the position of your bed because other furniture is organized around it. If it’s a rectangular room, keep your bed lengthwise. You can also keep the bed at the center, with loads of bed pillows, if it’s a larger bedroom. Smaller bedrooms should have the beds in a corner, with floor space around it.

Select a bed that goes with the bedroom design

A pretty bed frame and good quality pillows are great but that’s not the only criterion when choosing a bed. So, think of the space you have and your needs. For instance, in a small bedroom, a divan with in-built drawers or a lift-up bed with storage space below is a good idea to store your bedroom essentials. Do you need a space-saving double bed or a king-sized frame? Next, consider whether the bedroom décor warrants a padded headboard or a simple wooden frame.

Pay attention to the bedding you select

Comfortable pillows, light duvet, and the right bed mattress can make more difference than you think. The mattress dictates how well you sleep, eliminates your back and neck pain, and at the end of the day, uplifts your wellbeing. Additionally, you need good bed linen and comforters, too. It is better to go for something with a higher thread count for cotton, i.e., a minimum of 300. The natural distressed look of linen can also be a good idea if you don’t plan to iron the sheets every day.

The curtains that complement the décor

A bedroom design guide plans to let the natural light come into the bedroom in the morning but keep the room completely dark at night. The easiest way to achieve this balance is to combine floaty, light curtains with heavy, black-out curtains. If you want a luxurious appearance, go for full length curtains that hang a bit higher than your windows.

Wrapping up

The bedroom makeover tips mentioned above are general guidelines to give you some direction with regards to designing your bedroom. You need to put your own touch of creativity to make these room design ideas suit your tastes.

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