Are King Post Walls Suitable for Your Wall Project? Your Top Questions Now Answered

King post walls have proven their worth in many ways, and although they have been used as a wall solution for earth retention for centuries, they are still popular today. The retention of earth is essential for protecting any piece of property and, more importantly, the protection of those who use a particular location or space, whether temporarily or permanently. But what makes king post walls a feasible choice for many involved in various wall projects? Are king post walls suitable for your retaining wall project? Here, your top questions are now answered.

Your basic guide

A king post retaining wall comprises king posts and infill panelling, and this retaining wall system has been successfully used since the 1800s in cities like Berlin, London, and New York. The king post wall is a suitable solution for numerous ground conditions, but it is particularly suited for conditions with hard ground or rock. The solution is seen as a cost-effective alternative to other retention wall systems, and you can utilise it for either permanent or temporary use.

If you cannot use sheet piles because the ground is too hard, you can drill the ground and install a post at pre-determined intervals or centres. You can then in-fill the posts horizontally with panel lining, and you can use different methods for this, including precast concrete, steel sheet piling, timber, and cladding. There are various advantages associated with each infill solution.

Precast concrete, for instance, can be customised to suit the exact size you need, and you can also outfit it with other features (such as storm holes or outlets). Architectural precast is also another convenient choice for infilling because it has a formed finish to meet your requirements. Another option is steel sheet panels or piles, which are usually more lightweight than concrete, and you can also have them extracted for future reuse, although they are more expensive.

You can also opt for timber as infilling, and you can choose between recycled or new timber, although these are not always easily procured or available. Another infilling choice is cladding, where you can have the panels clad using different materials such as brick, stone, coloured glass, plastic, and more.

Are they suitable for your application?

The good news is that a king post retaining wall system is effective for a wide variety of purposes and applications for earth retention, and you can also use them at different heights and on various ground or soil conditions. But they are most suitable for difficult driving on tough ground or soil conditions, which include rock. In terms of applications, you can use king post walls for basements, flood defence systems, and the retention of embankments.

Their real benefits

You may already be aware of some of the benefits offered by king post retaining walls, including the fact that they are versatile, fast, and cost-effective to install. The installation is virtually vibration-free and silent, and you can have them constructed on tighter boundaries against other existing elements or structures without having to worry about damage or deflection. Additionally, you can use the solution as bearing piles for extra support for steel-frame buildings, so you no longer need to construct on-site pile caps.

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