Editing pdf documents in Microsoft Word

There are documents in Word which can be edited and then there are documents in pdf.  You might require pdf to word if you want to convert the pdf documents into Word documents. Pdf documents are known to be great since they are like pieces of paper that are printed.

They look the same wherever no matter whatever app you are trying to view them from – with or without the fonts that you have installed. When you are thinking of sharing a file and ensure that it looks exactly the same, then pdf is the way to go.

Yet the pdf files are known to be the toughest to edit. Everyone might have an app that they can use to view pdfs because viewers are built in all the modern operating systems, but when it comes editing, then it requires adobe acrobat. It is a tool that is known to be quite great but its price tag is what makes it not to be affordable to most people.

It is something that is quite okay as your current Word is capable of editing pdf documents. There might be some formatting issues that you will need to watch out when you are opening the pdf file in your Word document. If you happen to have a Word version that is older, there are some premium and free tools which are available in order to get your pdf into a format which you can readily work with.

Importing, converting, and editing pdfs into word

One of the feature that is include in the latest version of Word is the copy of Word that you will get on your PC with Office 365, it is the built in that support for the pdf importation and being able to edit them in Word. You will not be editing the pdf that you had originally. Instead, the Word is able to convert the pdf into the native format of Word, which then turns some of  the headers section to the style in Word and more so, which can then be edited easily and the document to be reused.

To be able to import your pdf in the Word, you will require to open it inside the Word or to right click on the file of PDF file in the Explorer then select so that you open it in Word. You will be able to see a warning which tells you that, the document that you will convert will not be the same as the original one. You will then have to click on the OK and after a small pause, your pdf document will be able to open in Word.

Word happens to do a perfect job of having to import the PDF documents in various ways, but the messes it creates are also many. If the PDF that you are converting is using fonts which happen to be standard, on the PC where you did the conversion to Word document, it might be quite similar to that of the original PDF. If not, then you will end up with headers that are oversized, paragraphs that are oddly spaced and much more.

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