Freelance Web Designer Versus Web Design Company

A number of these clients initially hired web designers offering terrific prices which were irresistible. These web designers are located on such web sites as,,,,, and hundreds more. They provide a gathering place where companies publish projects and freelancers invest in them. It is a nice method for saving money, but don’t forget, you receive that which you purchase.

Also avoid web site template systems. Avoid that fish-hook. Again, you receive that which you purchase.


Our clients completely reviewed a freelancer’s work and made the decision to employ him for that company’s web site redesign. Based on the client, regardless of how hard the freelancer attempted, he just could not capture the creative vision the organization wanted forecasted. The freelancer seemed to be slow to reply to design revisions, further frustrating and disappointing the customer.

Freelance = Part-time

Remember that freelance is yet another word for part-timer. This may be a university student or perhaps a designer who already includes a full-time job. When the freelancer fails to get results on guaranteed expectations then it is no skin off their back and you are left holding the bag.

When selecting a web designer to build up your web site, which is your storefront around the world, think about a couple of questions.

– Will a part-timer have a similar breadth of expertise like a full-time web designer who creates numerous different websites monthly?

– Will a part-timer have time to remain on the top from the latest news and changes regarding search engines like google and search engine optimization? (This can help to find out your ranking and website listings searching engines.)

– Will the freelancer have the necessity to safeguard their business status with similar vigilance proven by companies?

– Will a part-timer possess the sources to employ additional designers or programmers for the project?

– Will the freelancer be for sale the coming year that will help you with questions or concerns relating to your web site?

Making the Smart Choice

You might pay a bit more to possess a web design company build up your web site, however in the finish an expert company will provide on which they promise, most frequently exceeding your expectations.

Every client which has arrived at us has already established similar encounters. Many of them didn’t such as the design, or even the front-finish from the database looked elementary. Professional design permeates every aspect of a web project — web site pages, emblem, layout, text positioning, database display and administrative display.

Making the ultimate Decision

Since you have been educated about web designers, hop on Google and look for web design companies inside your condition. Create a bulleted laundry listing of what you are searching for. Include links to web sites that you want. For instance, here is a simple bulleted list you may submit to have an RFP (Request Proposal):

Searching for any web site in my widget business I must possess the following pages and processes:

Pages to incorporate About Us, Testimonials, Call Us, Map, Products, Refer a buddy.

* For products page I must come with an image gallery with pop-ups

* Incorporate a cost choice for Pay Pal e-commerce

* Incorporate a cost choice for professional e-commerce like LL. Bean or similar store.

Check Company References

A lot of companies include a summary of references within their RFP’s. We include as much as 15 within our current RFP’s. You may even try contacting business proprietors by searching in the information parts of web websites that the web site design company has published within their portfolio. Pay attention to what individuals are saying about the organization. When you have collected two or three RFP’s, you are prepared to invest in a choice.

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