3 Tips on Enhancing the Welding Productivity Levels on the Construction Job Sites

Certainly, construction industry has a huge scope, but a lack of skilled labor is a drawback on many jobsites, which is why some projects are being delayed. There are two ways to address this issue: hire and train more welders or be more efficient with the contractors to improve productivity. And how to gain the latter? Arroweld has listed some tips for the same. Read on.

  1. Make remote adjustments

On the jobsites, welders will be required to make many adjustments to welding parameters to gain the best of the results. When the welder leaves the joint and walks to the power source to make changes, these trips can add a lot more time wasted on a daily basis and increasing the risk of injury every time. Latest welding technology allows the welders to make parameter adjustments right at the weld joint with a wire feeder or a stick or TIG remote to have more arc on time, a safer jobsite or higher quality welds. Using this technology eliminates the need to move the racks of welding power sources on the job site. It wastes time and money that needs an electrician and crane time.

  1. Eradicate the cable length voltage drops

The most common issue on the jobsite is addressing the voltage drop that can lead to weld cables. Voltage drops occur because of the resistance in the weld circuit. The longer the leads and more the connection points, the more resistance caused in the weld cable. The voltage obtained can lead to arc performance issue as long as the operators compensate for the drop and this can cause weld quality issues. In the old equipment, operators had to manually adjust the voltage higher than needed to make sure they get enough voltage at the feeder. This used to waste a lot of time. If you use the latest equipment it makes sure that you get all the necessary voltage you need no matter what the length or distance of the power source is.


  1. Deal with dirty power

Dirty power refers to the inconsistent primary power fed to a welding machine. One source of the dirty power is the portable generator as they don’t offer a smooth electrical wave. Generators have surely being improved over the years, making dirty power is less of an issue. The latest generation of the generator lets the machine to automatically adjust the inconsistencies in the primary power without affecting the output.

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