Ideas for Your Wardrobe Door

When you want to have a custom-fitted wardrobe, you can specify what type of door you want. In the same token, the manufacturer or supplier can recommend ideas to ensure that your wardrobe door will match your need and the space within your bedroom.

That is the beauty of having a custom-made wardrobe—you can choose the right design, size, shape, and type of door. Speaking of doors, you can choose from a standard swing-out variety, bi-fold, sliding, louvred, or glass. A sliding wardrobe door is ideal if your bedroom size is not significantly large.

Choosing the right wardrobe door

Each wardrobe door has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, you may find a wardrobe style that you like but will not fit your bedroom space. On the other hand, the door may look like just another part of the wardrobe that will keep your clothing and accessories out of sight. But there is more to a wardrobe door than just that.

Having the wrong wardrobe door will make organising your wardrobe difficult. Central to choosing the right door is considering how the swing and door style affects access to the items inside the cupboard. While the manufacturer or builder may follow the design, remember that having a custom-made wardrobe means that the builder must consider your style, design ideas, and your needs.

Here are a few ideas to help you choose the right wardrobe door.

Walk-in cupboard

The swing of the door is essential when you are building a walk-in cupboard. If you have a standard-sized walk-in wardrobe, it is best to choose doors that swing out so that you can quickly enter and access the items within. If the doors swing into the cupboard, it may block access to other objects, or you may have to close the door once you get in to pick out items that are in spaces behind it. A swing-in door will also limit the storage space you can use within the walk-in cupboard. You can install pocket doors instead of the regular sliding door, although the concept needs more room where the door can slide into.

Reach-in wardrobe

Most wardrobes have double French doors or swing-out doors. They are precisely the best choice for accessibility. However, there should be enough room so that the doors can open out freely. With swing-out doors, you will not have any obstruction to view your cupboard or reach the items within. In addition, the doors are not likely to get stuck or have other issues like some sliding doors or bifolds. Hinged doors will work for several years, and they will only need an occasional drop of oil. Repairing or replacing them is more straightforward, too.

Bifold doors

If there is no room for swing-out doors, an alternative would be to install bifold doors, mainly if your wardrobe is in a tight spot in the room. But bifold doors will also need about ten inches of space at the door frame when it is folded, which has the potential to block view or access to items stored in that particular corner. Another common issue with bifold doors is that they can be unmanageable and easy to break.

When you’re remodelling or building a new wardrobe, consider incorporating the design elements with the space you have in your room. For example, consulting with an expert in custom-made cupboards will help you look at things differently and improve the design and style you want for the cupboard door.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/stylish-bedroom-with-big-wardrobe-6489100/

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