Paragon Water Filtration Systems

Paragon Water Systems, Incorporated is a leader in the home water filtration industry. They offer the best Carbon block water filters for the homeowner at an affordable price. They have expanded their product line with many products to meet the needs of today’s discerning customers. There are several types of filters they offer that can help to remove chlorine and other volatile organic chemicals from the water you drink and use in your home. They also offer a whole house water filtration system that will remove chlorine, lead, THMs, VOCs, herbicides, and pesticides from your drinking water.

This company also offers a line of purely natural minerals such as Calcium, Boron, Magnesium, and Iron. Each of these additional minerals can work together to form a harmless but effective filtering system for your water. The pure water filtration system produced by Paragon Water Systems contains the best materials available that can remove dangerous contaminants from tap water. They have also become one of the most trusted names in the water filtration industry because of the comprehensive quality testing that they perform on all of their carbon block water filter systems.

Many consumers are confused about which water filtration system is the best. They often spend a lot of money on bottled water or feel that reverse osmosis is the only option. They do not realize that there are many options available that can clean the water you drink without removing the beneficial minerals that are necessary for good health. In addition, there are systems that can be added to the kitchen faucet or even transferred to the shower to clean the water before it reaches your body. Paragon Carbon Block Water Filters offers the best quality water filtration system to accomplish these water clean results.

Paragon Water Systems, Inc. has taken its place as one of the leaders in the Carbon Block water filtration industry because they have done exhaustive quality testing. They have ensured that they have designed a water filtration system that will clean the water to the purest degree possible. This is accomplished by using carbon block water filters. Not only does this filter remove harmful chemicals and bacteria, but it also removes any minerals that are naturally present in water.

Paragon Carbon Block Water Filtration Systems is sold with the guarantee of replacement. It should be obvious that carbon block is a superior material for water filtration systems because of the excellent workmanship and the fact that it is so durable. The water filter systems produced by Paragon are able to remove many contaminants and are very reliable. If you want to purchase one of the most advanced water filtration systems on the market today then look no further than the Paragon line of carbon block water filters.

Paragon Water Systems, Incorporated has developed carbon block water filtration systems that use their patented technology. Their Carbon block water filter provides superior purity and purified water, along with exceptional quality. Paragon offers both whole house and portable water filtration systems. If you want your water supply to be the best, then look no further than a water filtration system produced by one of the leaders in water filtration technology.

This post was written by a water treatment expert at Paragon Water Systems. We manufacture home water solutions such as reverse osmosis systems, under sink water filtration systems, showerhead filtration systems, carbon cartridges, and a wide variety of other products. Our focus is to provide Americans with safe and clean water throughout the home.

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