Suspension Of Amazon Account What Causes It And How To Recover

Even the most well-known companies and independent sellers might go out of business if their Amazon accounts are suspended. The C-suite, which often views Amazon as just another “automatic” sales channel while being a large one, might be shocked by this.

Each year, there are ten thousand cases of amazon account suspended. Even though the firm does not disclose the grounds for the suspension to safeguard the integrity of the investigation, in my work with Amazon sellers, I have personally seen more than two dozen such reasons, including the following:

  • A Poor Product.
  • Non-Fulfillment Of Orders (On Time, Or Ever).
  • Not Offering Shipping Tracking.
  • Misuse Of Platforms, Such As Paying Purchasers For Viewers
  • Fraud, Money Laundering, And Other Offences.

Simply put, Amazon suspends sellers when: Sellers or brands are not, have never been, and will never be Amazon’s focus. Executives at Amazon believe that every seller and brand are interchangeable. Customers are king, and their complaints are what matter most.

The Main Priority Is The Quality Of The Product

The brand must, above all, continue to offer customers high-quality products. The team members in charge of the seller account must keep track of important reports and data, such as buyer communications, returns, reviews, and seller feedback. The team can rapidly identify diminishing tendencies by tracking this quantitative and qualitative data every week.

My team has discovered the following, for instance, after evaluating our client’s data in their

  • A shampoo/conditioner set had a high return rate because it was shipped with two shampoos.
  • A high-end pressed face powder that has received several breakage complaints.
  • A dish soap whose sticky leaks annoyed many users.
  • A replacement vehicle part that was accidentally filled with a generic product rather than a branded one; a major clothing brand with a range of shirts that ran too small.

There are countless instances. Sellers must thus constantly check and analyse their data. Here’s the key: Before Amazon “fixes” these issues by suspending the goods or the seller, the seller must take care of them independently either manually or with their data feed management software. Amazon demands that vendors provide customers with the most incredible experience possible, including simple returns, flawless product quality, quick email answers, etc.

If a seller doesn’t have a sufficient business purpose, they aren’t allowed to have more than one selling account. Sellers are restricted from sending Amazon customers to their websites for customer support. An amazon account suspended could occur for any of these behaviours. Second chances can be found on the Amazon Marketplace. Sellers suspended can appeal to have their accounts or items restored.

When Amazon suspends a seller, they justify its decision and ask for an action plan. Only the suspended seller account is informed of what the goal of Action must contain. And advice for amazon suspension appeal. However, based on my experience dealing with suspended vendors, depending on the sort of suspension, they can be requested for amazon suspension appeal, such as invoices, product safety data, or information on dangerous ingredients.

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