The Benefits of Buying Bulk Building Supplies

Buying bulk aggregates, building sand and supplies can make or break a construction project. This is why proper planning is essential. If you know exactly what you will need to successfully complete the project then ordering your building supplies in bulk can save you time, money and effort.

Knowing Exactly How Much You Need to Order

Reducing overhead costs, especially as a small business owner, is essential to saving money without cutting corners. This makes planning every last detail of the upmost importance for sustainable projects.

Paying Upfront for Bulk Building Supplies for Long Term Gain

Contractors with multiple ongoing projects need to plan ahead, especially if they regularly require the same supplies. This way you can place one order to fulfil the needs of your multiple ongoing projects. This is especially useful if you have storage facilities to keep any bulk aggregates or building sand left over until you sign a new contract for a project.

Even if you are completing a single project at a time quantity surveying can help you determine exactly what you will need so that you do not have anything left to store (though storage space is still recommended for any contractor).

Save Money

Be sure to only buy bulk building supplies in the form you need them. Buy more unique supplies separately so as to not go over budget while still having everything required to complete your project(s). Buying in bulk will also reduce transport costs associated with travelling between the supplier and the building site.

Buying in bulk is the best (and easiest) strategy for saving money and increasing your project profits, albeit for a larger initial investment. As long as you weigh the costs of storage against buying all supplies as required it should be advantageous to your business.

Save Time

Making use of bulk building supplies means that you waste fewer man-hours. You minimise the time spent fetching and delivering building supplies as well as the time spent waiting in between orders. There’s no need to send someone back and forth and you’ll have more time working with the materials on site.

When contractors buy in bulk they reduce the lead time issue, especially if when a new project is signed you put in a new bulk order and use what is in storage to begin. This way you make provisions for late deliveries. Being able to complete projects ahead of schedule will mean new clients and a strong business reputation for being a reliable and effective contractor.

To be sure your project stays on schedule and within budget contact us at Sand Shifters for bulk building supplies and more.

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