The Various Elements of Damp

Dampness is a major issue for UK homeowners, with such a wet climate, and every property owner should always be on the lookout for signs of damp, especially with older properties. Here are just a few of the aspects of damp that could affect your home.

  • Rising Damp – This is perhaps the number one cause of damage, and the only way to protect against rising damp is to have a chemical damp proof course installed in the walls. If you are wondering about the damp proofing cost in Richmond, it is very reasonable and much preferred to having to carry out repairs.

  • Dry Rot – If dry rot is present in your home, it usually emits a musky odour that is very distinct, and if you are unsure, as your local damp proofing company to come to your home and test for the presence of dry rot.

  • Wet Rot – This attacks timber in moist conditions and if left unchecked, it could cause structural damage to your home. Timber that is affected by wet rot is soft and spongy to the touch and is usually darker than the surrounding timber that is unaffected, and if you suspect you may have wet rot in your home, call in the damp proofing specialist, who would carry out a survey and make some recommendations.

If your home is quite old, there is more of a chance that it will be affected by dampness, so do keep your eyes open, as identifying quickly will limit the damage caused.









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