Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2 has always been one of the most popular games in eSports. It has always been on the top list of the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games since it was created. It is a sequel of the original Defense of the Ancients that was a community-created mod for Warcraft III and an expansion of The Frozen Throne. It was developed and published by Valve Corporation which was released last 2013.

After its release date, there were a lot of changes made to give some innovations to the game. Every game patch has corresponding modifications that include either release of a new hero or character, new hero skills, new or removed items, nerfed and buffed heroes or skills or attributes, new map, game modes, and meta game.

These changes, despite its purpose of enhancing the game, would still create inconvenience to every gamer since there are a lot of adjustings to be made. This has been a struggle for everyone who plays the game especially when they have tournaments or events in which they still haven’t studied or at least familiarized the new patch. Thus, it most of the time results on a low performance of each player or as a team.

Tips on how to boost your gameplay in during new patch

Updates would be a hassle sometimes to players because of the new things that must be adapted. Players would likely to incur stress rather than to enjoy the game. Most of the time during updates, you will experience lag or bug while playing which makes the game even harder. This will greatly have an impact on your gameplay especially if you’re playing ranked or tournaments. However, there are still ways on how to improve your gameplay despite these hurdles. Tips on how to boost your MMR are as follows:

  • Read and check the updates in every patch. You can always check the new updates on google or even in DotA 2 client. Complete details will be provided so that you will easily understand how the new items or heroes or skills work. This is important for you to have a heads up before playing the actual game.
  • Watch replays or live gameplays of professional players. They usually are the ones who really study the new updates well. By watching them play, you don’t just enjoy the game but you’ll be able to learn from it too.
  • Study and understand the new meta. Every patch has a new metagame in which it changes over time. These changes are driven by professional players, community opinions, and the new patch. It is important to be not out of the current trend because it can really help a lot with your game performance.
  • Seek for help to have an MMR boost. Boosting your MMR can really be stressful during updates since there are a lot of people who doesn’t care about the new patch. Hence, you can ask your friends to play with you or look for players who offer MMR boosting to escape disruptions.

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