Top 10 Companies That Offer Quick Prototypes Made In China!

Prototyping is an iterative process in which design teams transform abstract ideas into tangible forms, ranging from paper to digital. Teams create prototypes with varying degrees of detail to capture design thoughts and test them on consumers. You may refine and validate your designs with quick prototypes made in China, allowing your company to release the right products.

China is, without a doubt, the most popular destination if you need speedy prototyping. This is due to lower prices than other nations and utilizing cutting-edge technologies. China has several prototype enterprises. Here are the most significant:

1: Walken

Walker has been named one of China’s top quick prototype firms. The firm is based in Shenzhen and focuses on fast prototyping. This venture provides various services that include prototyping several types, including sharp injection molding, CNC machining, and automotive prototyping.

2: Star Rapids

Star Rapid is the leading Chinese prototype manufacturer. Bridge construction, 3D printing, low-volume manufacturing are among the services provided by the company. Star Rapids has received ISO 9001 certification. As a result, you may get prototypes that are high in quality.

3: Deep Mould

Deep Mould, which has been in business since 2008, provides various services related to manufacturing. The firm includes prototyping and manufacturing services. You’ll find that this company excels at producing prototypes of plastic and speedy tooling.

4: Prototech Asia

This venture has been in the prototyping industry for a long time. Manufacturing at a lower volume and quick prototyping are Prototech Asia’s specialties. Prototyping services include CNC machining, vacuum casting, 3D printing, and plastic injection.

5: 3ERP

3ERP, also based in Shenzhen, is the world’s major prototype maker. The company provides Mass-production and small-scale manufacturing services. 3ERP has made a significant investment in advanced-level prototyping capabilities. Other benefits include surface finishing and CNC machining. You may hire them too for handling your project.

6: RP Prototype Limited

This company is a western-owned firm situated in South China. It specializes in short-run manufacturing and prototyping. Vacuum casting, CNC machining, and injection molding are among the company’s other services.

7: Sunrise Metal

This company offers and is well-known for die-casting services (in aluminum.) It also provides quick prototyping and CNC machining surface finishing as a one-stop shop. It has over ten years of experience in prototyping, wherein you may take complete advantage of the company’s exceptional engineering capability. This company can be your first choice of contact, regardless of how many prototypes you require.

8: Start Prototyping

This company provides plastic injection molding and quick prototyping services to a variety of businesses worldwide. The company has over ten years of prototyping experience.

9: SuNPe

SuNPe is a Chinese manufacturing company that offers production and prototyping in low-volumes. Rapid prototyping, injection molding, surface finishing, and quick tooling are among the services provided by the company. This enterprise was established in 2005 and currently operates four plants.

10: Nice Rapid

This company specializes in rapid prototyping and rapid tooling. The main services provided are aluminum and steel mold tooling, CNC machining, die casting, and injection molding.

Why are your prototypes being produced in China?

  1. Quick Turnaround: The speed with which prototypes may be produced in China is astounding.
  2. Top-notch Quality: Various enterprises outsource their work to factories in China. That suggests the quality in China can be highly comparable worldwide.
  3. Cost-Effective: China’s price competitiveness is due to economies of scale. This is also true when it comes to prototyping.
  4. Exceptional capacity: Because there are so many factories, prototyping projects may be completed quickly. They can be created promptly regardless of whether they involve various manufacturing procedures or methods.
  5. Competitive advantage: Your contenders are most likely to obtain prototyping services in China. You must copy their strategy and save time and money to become competitive like them.

How to Locate a Prototyping Company in China?

Do You Know What Your Industry Is About? Before approaching a prototype maker, make sure you’re familiar with the right processes and materials for the prototype. This allows you to spend ample time with a prototype maker who has the required capabilities.

  1. Create a Strategy: You must have a strategy for a prototype that will make evaluating prototype makers much easier. Prototyping companies can use your plan to examine your ideas.
  2. Organize your thoughts: Requesting recommendations from others is an excellent method of finding a quick prototyping company based in China. You might be shocked to learn that many businesses are willing to provide you with information.

Elements Affecting the Cost of Quick Prototypes Made in China!

Production Methodologies

The methods used to create prototypes 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, metal fabrication, and die casting are just a few of the services available. The price varies depending on the method selected. It’s advisable to stick with a process that reduces costs and time.

Count of Prototypes

When you order a large quantity, the cost of the unit is usually lower. You can also obtain big discounts if you buy in quantity.


When suppliers use speedy prototyping, plastic and metal are the most commonly used materials. Plastics are, in theory, less expensive than metals.

Dimensions and tolerances

Because of the longer machining time, prototypes with strict tolerances and complicated designs are more expensive to produce.

Surface Preparation

Its surface must be treated to improve the prototype’s durability, and aesthetic appeal Anodizing, electroplating, polishing, and powder coating are examples of surface treatment procedures. The expense of these approaches varies.


Quick Prototype made in China can provide a clear picture of the potential benefits, risks, and costs associated with where a prototype could lead to all stakeholders. You can show the prototype to your users to provide feedback on which elements/variants function best and whether a redesign is necessary.

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