Underground Garage Cleaning

A tough winter season can do a number on an underground parking garage.   Dirt, sand, and even salt rock can build up and become a problem after the harsh elements of a North American winter.

This is where a heavy duty pressure washing comes in to play.  With a high pressure stream of water, it is possible to remove dirt and grime that a normal cleaning would miss.

There can be a major amount of dirt, salt, and sand that builds up in the winter months as well as even after the season is over.  Vehicles can bring in grime from the tires, and sometimes may leak oil and other fluids on the floor of the garage, causing unsightly stains.

A Ride-on Underground Garage Cleaner

A ride-on underground garage cleaner can clean your underground garage area with industrial strength power; the strength and power of an industrial cleaner can easily pick up dirt and other debris on the floor of your parking garage with so much simplicity that no one will ever believe it existed.

With the use of a ride on underground garage floor cleaner, all the drains and catch basins within your underground garage will be in good order, and the maintenance of your facility will be environmentally free of any damage.

Using an application of environmentally friendly soap that contains algaecides, de-greasers, as well as sanitizers that are applied to the underground parking garage floor; you can clean not only the floor of your parking garage – you can also have the walls and pipes cleaned too.

It does not matter what the circumstances are, when cleaning an underground garage you can use either hot or cold water to completely rinse off and clean the entire surface of your underground garage floor from the very top to the nooks and crannies of the floor’s bottom.

See the Difference

You know how dingy a parking lot or garage looks when the lines that are supposed to be white or yellow have become faded with use.  It gives the appearance that no one cares how the parking looks, and makes a customer wonder how are they going to be  treated as a  customer once inside. If the garage floor is not well taken care of, it can become a breeding ground for violence.  If the parking structure is not cared for, it gives thieves the impression that no one comes around to check on the cars parked there, and you may start to experience thefts. It may make a person second-guess their choice of coming to your office at all.  You will see the difference your underground garage structure has on customers and even you employees once you have it professionally cleaned.


Why not take pride in your office, employees and customers and go that extra mile to have your underground parking structure professionally cleaned by one of the professional power washing companies in your area?  You will not regret it, and your employees and customers are going to love it.

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