Understanding Aluminium Extrusion Uses

Aluminium extrusions have been transforming so many industries through natural, versatile properties that make them both cost effective and efficient. Easily softened, aluminium billets can be forced under pressure through a prepared mould to produce the most intricate extruded components that are lightweight yet reliably strong. Cars, aeroplanes and space stations as well as ordinary everyday objects such as door handles and grilles are being produced by manufacturers around the globe. But what are the specific uses of aluminium extrusion?


Many of the aluminium extrusions are items that are not directly noticeable. Various pipes and tubes in all shapes and sizes plus beams with cross-sectional profiles such as T, Z, H and M shapes are being used to link together everything from shelving to multi storey office blocks. The frames of large buildings benefit from the flexibility of aluminium extrusions and their inherent ability to retain their shape whilst absorbing impacts from pressures such as force nine gales.

Winning the Fight against Rust

Aluminium oxide naturally occurs in the metal to protect it from corrosion, a property that is increased even more by the extrusion process. Architects in particular use it to excess when designing the window frames of impressive buildings. Strong yet supple, frames manufactured from aluminium extrusions won’t distort or fade and remain largely maintenance-free for many years to come.

High Performance

With the necessity to cut carbon emissions the use of lightweight aluminium extrusions has been introduced in the car industry to replace body sections that were formerly made of steel. Extruded aluminium gains in strength and has the advantage of being pressed into complex shapes reducing the production costs once needed for welding sections together. Vehicles made almost entirely of aluminium give high performance when out on the road. Speed boats, yachts and trains are all being transformed by the strength and flexibility of aluminium extrusions that help designers to produce original, aerodynamic creations.

Humble yet Sophisticated

Millions of miles of aluminium pipes and tubes have been extruded to create the housings for high-speed cables throughout communication systems all over the world. With non-magnetic, heat conducting properties aluminium is an ideal choice for computerised, electronic products of all descriptions in addition to radiators and solar panels. With an ability to deflect light rays including infra-red it is being used for the sophisticated technology needed in satellites. Whatever you need aluminium extrusions for Edmo can help put your ideas into production.

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