UVA, UVB and UVC Rays Aren’t Just a Danger to Your Skin

These days most moisturisers come with an SPF of 15. And, most of us won’t let our kids leave the house without slathering them with factor 20 cream. When we go on holiday, sun cream is the first thing we pack. The risk of skin cancer seems to be a topic we’re all very aware of. And rightly so. Skin cancer is common, often spreads quickly and, unfortunately, can be lethal.

But it’s not just our skin that the sun damages. Our eyes are also at risk. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can result in range of eye disorders including cataracts, pterygium, cancers, photokeratitis (flash burns) and corneal degeneration. It can also contribute to age-related macular degeneration – which can result in impaired vision and even blindness.

It’s a pretty scary list. But the good news is that thanks to advances in technology all reputable brands now filter 100% of harmful UV rays. This also applies to people who need corrective glasses, as they can have prescription sunglasses. The NHS provides advice on preventing eye problems, and sunglasses really do make a difference. Polaroid sunglasses are one manufacturer who go the extra mile, and are head and shoulders above international safety standards. So, when you hear about the sun’s effects, remember to wear your sunscreen, and your Polaroids for complete protection.

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