What’s Engineered Hardwood Floors?

If you have considered adding a brand new floor to your house, especially hardwood instead of carpet, you’ve most likely encounter the word “engineered hardwood floors.” Even though the connotation of “engineered” is one thing synthetic, when relating to hardwoods, it isn’t. Rather, engineered flooring continues to be 100-percent natural wood but produced in a manner that it’s don’t warp or expand when placed near a flame. If you are home has concrete or cement and it has a radiant flame, solid hardwood is almost unthinkable but, with engineered, getting natural hardwood in your house is much more practical.

Engineered hardwood floors is made of a mix of natural hardwood and nine-ply birch. If you are thinking about a domestic hardwood species like red oak, engineered red oak flooring might have a high part, about 5/16ths inch, of natural red oak and below, about 5/8ths inch, could be nine-ply birch. This mixture, while still entirely natural wood, keeps the floorboards from expanding near heat when added to your house. Engineered hardwood still is available in grades, furthermore, and characteristics varying from cabin or character grade to obvious are offered.

Among the primary difficulties with solid hardwood floors is how it may be placed in the home. As you wouldn’t want it’s to warp or expand, placing solid hardwood is not a choice near a flame without getting your flooring destroyed. Many homes have radiant heat but ought to be permitted to achieve the look and excellence of hardwood floors. This is when engineered hardwood is advantageous: Natural hardwood can be put in additional locations throughout the house and also the flooring will not become broken once the heat activates.

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