Areas to Inspect Before You Decide to Purchase a House Where You are Moving

You want to settle in a house where you will feel comfortable. It does not matter if you are moving to a home which is bigger or smaller than where you currently live. The point is that you have a comfortable place in a safe neighbourhood. Before you take out a mortgage, these are some things to inspect first before you decide to buy the property.

Damaged roof

You do not want to reside in a house with a leaking roof. You can have a visual check around the house to check for missing shingles. You can also check for the presence of moss and dirt on the roof. A damaged roof is too costly to repair and could impact your comfort while staying indoors.

Heating and cooling systems

It sucks when you do not have a cooling system during the summer, and it is terrible to not have a heating system during the cold months. Therefore, you need to check if these systems are working well. Ask the owner how long the system has been in place to determine if it needs repair or replacement soon. Ask for a quote to replace the cooling and heating systems. If you think the property is still cheap despite the need to spend more for the replacement, you might include it on your shortlist.

Water damage

You need to check the entire house for possible water stains. Look under the sinks in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Test all the taps and showers. Look at the garage and see if it is working well. If you can find water stains all over the place, it is an indication of poor water drainage. When it rains heavily, you will be in trouble. You might not see the problem now since it is not yet flooded, but you could face this issue in the future.


You need to know that your house is not crumbling. If you see cracks on the walls, it is a sign that there is something wrong with the foundations. You may also ask an inspector to check if the foundations are still sturdy. Otherwise, it is not worth buying the house. You will be placing your family’s safety at risk.

Electrical outlets

You might find the kitchen to be amazing. You see newly painted walls. The space is enormous enough to feel comfortable when cooking. The problem is when you check the electrical outlets, and they are not working. Check all the appliances first to determine if the problem is the electrical system or the appliances. It might seem like a minor repair issue, but you do not want to deal with it.

Bugs and pests

Check all the cabinets and corners. Knock on walls and stairs made from wood. If you see some pests and insects crawling out, there could be more of them hidden somewhere. You do not want this place as your new home.

Take your time comparing the options. When you find the right home, you can contact a removal company Cheltenham offers, to help with moving all your things as soon as possible.

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