A Guide to Creating the Perfect Office Design

Whether you’re just starting out or are moving to larger premises, office design is a critical aspect of setting up a business, and not something to rush into. The layout of your office has a direct effect on productivity, and with that in mind, here are some important factors to bear in mind when fitting out your office.

  • Think Open Plan – Research definitely points to a more productive workplace with an open plan design, mainly because the employees can easily communicate. Open plan offices look and feel more spacious, and with most office fitouts, the contractor would have an in-house design team, which means the layout will be optimum for improved performance. If the new office space is merely a shell, this makes things much easier, and much like a painter who begins with a blank canvas, an open office allows you to create a unique layout.
  • Make Effective Use of Partitioning – Modern office design incorporates half and full panel partitioning and with a modular system that is inter-connectable, it is possible to create any layout. Some thought needs to go into how you do section off areas, and the people who need to communicate on a daily basis should be close to each other. It is always a good idea to involve your staff in the office design, as this will help to develop a feeling of belonging in the workforce, and besides, they might have some very good ideas.
  • Workstations – One can never have enough workstations, and their location should be well thought out, with people who work closely together seated near each other to facilitate dialogue. While you are in the process of renovating the office, you might want to evaluate your IT hardware, and if this is somewhat lacking, it is likely that the office fitout company would have access to high end computers and digital monitors, and they can probably source this type of equipment much cheaper than you.
  • Add Some Greenery – Indoor plants definitely give any office space some colour and depth, and with the latest generation of artificial plants, you can have the right decor without having to water or collect fallen leaves. There are online suppliers of floral displays that are suitable for office space, and they can change things around every so often – something that will help to keep your staff interested.
  • Sourcing the Right Office Fitout Company – This is the key to a smooth and trouble-free renovation, and if you are at a loss as how to source such a company, an online search is the best place to start. Every company has their strengths and weaknesses, and with some careful browsing, you should get a clear idea of what each contractor is about. The ideal candidate would be one that handles the entire project and also has access to office furniture and equipment, and with your budget in mind, they would strive to complete the project with the minimum of disruption. Often, the fitout company will work around the client’s schedule and you will not have to cease trading, not even for a short time.

Providing that you enlist the help of an office renovation company, there’s no reason why your new office space will be lacking in any department, and once the project is complete, you can look forward to a good few years of improved productivity and smooth running.

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